Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Balm's Instain Blush in Swiss Dot Review

Hey everyone!
I am reviewing a newer product from the balm! It is the instain blush and the concept is that it is so heavily pigmented that it'll last like a stain, but apply like a powder! I got a sample of this in a birchbox and I thought that it was about time for me to review it! So let's get started. 

So first this is the same packaging that you'd see on the big size blush! It is really cute because it looks like a magazine cover! I love the balm's packaging! It's always so clever. 

So once you open it, you see that its a really pretty deep peach/apricot shade. This one is matte and I am unsure if there are shimmery ones in the collection. It is super pigmented so if you use this, use a fluffy brush and just barely tap it into the blush rather than swirling it so you can build it up easier! The powder is finely milled and feels amazing! 

This picture is with the flash, so it kind of washes it out, but the first swatch is heavier like what you get with the usual finger swatch thing, but the second is blended out, which is what it'll look like on the skin. Here's my biggest issue with this. It doesn't blend easily. The powder kind of sticks to where its first applied and if you apply to much, you'll see it has trouble with blending out. I would apply a light powder under the blush just to help with the blending. 

Overall, if you like really pigmented blush or if you have a darker complexion and you suffer from blushes not showing up, this would work great for you! Just remember to use a light hand so you don't look like a clown! I don't know if I love these blushes, but they are nice and I really like this shade because its really wearable and perfect for fall!
Let me know your thoughts on the instain blushes if you've tried them in the comments below!

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