Sunday, September 8, 2013

Picture Day Makeup

Hey everyone!
So today at school we had a picture day for Cheerleading! It was for the yearbook photo and we had to do our makeup very pretty so it'll look good in front of everyone! So I thought I'd share this makeup look with you because I absolutely loved it! Also, excuse my face because I took this picture right after working out and I don't know what I was doing! 

Face: I used a little bit of a peachy blush to give a little flush to my skin. I applied it lightly and picked a matte color to give color without reflecting too much. I then took a shimmery highlighter and applied it to my cheek bones for some highlighting! If you want to, you can take a matte bronzer to contour, but I didn't. 

Eyes: I primed my lids. Then I took a antiqued gold shade (MAC Woodwinked) and applied it all over the lid. Then I took a light matte brown a few shades darker than my skin tone and applied that in my crease. Then I took a business card (a flashcard would do fine too) and aligned it upwards to make a wing shape and patted a deep matte brown over it to get a nice defined line. I'll do another tutorial on this because it is a little difficult to explain if you don't get what I'm talking about! Then I took that same dark brown shade to blend with the gold. I finished with some black pencil liner on the upper and lower lashes and 2 coats of mascara!

Lips: I originally wanted to go more nude so I used MAC in "to catch a sailor", which is a frosty nude, but I didn't like the way the frost looked so much so I blended some maybelline vivid rose (a bright medium pink) with it to deepen it up and to lessen the frost!

So that was my picture day makeup! Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below and if you try it out, tweet me pictures of it @a_modern_girl!
Love you guys!


  1. Hey ! love your blog I'm now following you on G+ . cute picture btw :)

  2. thanks so much! and lol thats probably the least attractive picture of me ever!