Saturday, September 7, 2013

On the go makeup of the day

Hey guys! 
So I was really i the old to blog so I'm doing it off of my phone in a restaurant right now! But his is the makeup I wore to school today! Also I took this picture on my phone and it totally washed me out so the shadows are actually darker than in the picture!

On my face I have a little bit of a highlighter on my cheek bones and a peachy blush on my cheeks! I am not wearing foundation but I do have on concealer!

I used a champagne cream shadow as a base. Then I took a light shimmery shade that matched the base and patted it all over the lid and inner corner. Then I took a medium brown shimmery shade and put it in my crease for definition. I took a shimmery navy blue and put it on the outer third of the lid and on the lower lashline. I then took my navy pencil liner and smudged it I into  the lashes. I finished with one coat of mascara.
I'm just embracing my natural color and just wearing some clear balm!

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