Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nail Swaps for FALL!

Hey everyone!
I know that we still have another month until "fall" actually starts, but for me, right after school starts I'm like "goodbye summer! Hello Fall!" So I'm going to be doing some swaps for you guys to help you transition your makeup into fall! Today's post is focused on nails, but I can also do blushes, lipsticks, and eyeshadows in other posts!

If you liked mint greens...
You'll like pale nudes
You're fun loving and outgoing if you wear bright mints like this one! You'll also love a pale almost white nude because you'll get the same "wow factor" without the summery feel!

(right: color club london calling; left: color club mod in manhattan)

 If you like shimmery pinks...
You'll love cranberry!
If you like shimmery pinks, your girly and flirty! You can get the same effect by going for a pink toned berry or cranberry shade! It's slightly deeper and more red toned, but gives the same girly vibe as the pink shades!

(left: jordana in love; right: LA colors pink sizzle)

 If you love bright yellow...
You'll also like antiqued gold
Bright yellow is for the perky, sunshiney girl! If you like yellow, you'll also like antiqued gold because its more toned down, but still super eye catching! This one also has blue and green reflects!

(left: jordana yellow dazzle; right: color club editorial)

If you like neon coral...
You'll love dark grey!
If you wear neon coral, you're probably into making statements! A blue tinged grey will do the same thing! Just remember to go grey and not black! You're going for editorial, not goth!

(left: color club reign in spain; right: color club status update)

If you like lavender...
You'll also like emerald!
If you are still looking for some color this fall, go for emerald green! It is great as a pop of color, yet isn't too bright so you can wear it to work too! Also, it's the color of the year so you're super on trend!

(left: color club pardon my french; right: color club wild cactus)

So I hope that you found this post useful and fun! If you'd like to see these fall switches for another makeup item, let me know which ones you'd like to see in the comments below! Also, don't forget to subscribe!

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