Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mally Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Liner Review

Hey everyone! 
I have a Mally Everycolor Starlight Waterproof Liner to review for you today! I got it in a birchbox recently (and if you want to see that birchbox unboxing post, click here) and I wanted to review it! The shade that I got was Sailor, which is the navy blue shade. 

So first off the packaging. It is just a normal pencil liner, but it isn't twist up and it needs to be sharpened, which isn't great, but isn't a huge deal for me. One thing to know is that the packaging is really light and the words are written in silver, so its hard to read (which you can tell in the pictures!). 
Swatch of liner with flash (so you can see blue tones)
Swatch of liner without flash

Getting into the formulation, I really love this! It is a deeper navy blue that leans more towards the black side than blue, but on the eyes it definitely goes more towards the blue. It is very creamy and it is able to be blended for 30 seconds or so before setting. This is waterproof so it's not going anywhere during the day and if you rub a swatch with your bare finger, it doesn't smudge or anything! On the waterline, it lasts pretty good, but there is a little bit of fading after a few hours. On the lower lashline, it stays very well, but can travel a little bit if you tear up or sweat. It also has great pigmentation because all of the swatches is just one swipe with very light pressure! I love how creamy and smooth this goes on!

Overall, I would recommend this eyeliner because it comes in a pretty good shade selection (20 or so?) and it costs less than the urban decay liners, but is very comparable. If you'd like to purchase this, right now (at the time of writing) on a website you can get it for $11.25 instead of $15. I'll link it here for your convenience! 
So those are my thoughts on the mally evercolor starlight waterproof liner review! If you have this in another color, let me know what it is and if you like it because I really want to purchase more of these!


  1. Looks nice! I haven't tried these but have the urban decays. :)

    Sarah x

  2. these are great, but I like the color selection of urban decay more!

  3. Sounds like a good eyeliner to try. Thanks for the review :)

    Ms. J of http://www.fashionlurve.com

  4. your welcome! I totally recommend this eyeliner and you should try it out!