Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lips Swaps for Fall!

Hey everyone!
Happy Fall! I am so excited to do this post because I love switching up my makeup for the seasons and I thought that I would share a few of my swaps with you to give you some inspiration! I already did a similar post on fall nail polish swaps, so if you'd like to see that, click here

If you like light pink glosses...
     You'll like strawberry pink lipglosses!

Strawberry pink isn't usually associated with fall, but I think that this is a great swap from a light pink or champagne gloss! This strawberry lipgloss tints your lips slightly pinker and deeper than your natural lip color, and it is a great every day deep, but not scary shade for the fall time!

Products mentioned: 
Bare Minerals Pink Prosecco (on left) to read a review of this lipgloss click here and to purchase, click here. 
Cargo Route 66 lipgloss (on right) to read a review of this lipgloss, click here and to purchase, click here

If you like bronzey nude lipsticks...
     You'll love rosy pink nude lipsticks! 

Bronzey nudes have been all the rage this summer and was showcased in MAC cosmetics's temperature rising collection! A alternative to bronzey nude lipsticks, that still is neutral and nude, is a rosy pink shade! A your lips but better shade is wonderful in the fall when bold cheeks and eyes are all the rage!

Products mentioned:
MAC To Catch A Sailor Lipstick (LE) to purchase this lipstick, click here and to read a review of it, click here!
The body shop's lipstick in 07 raspberry to purchase this, click here and to read my thoughts on it, click here!

If you like bright corals...
    You'll like shimmery pinks

I was going to include a bright red as a swap for the bright corals, but I realize that a lot of people don't like wearing  vampy lips or really bright red lips so I decided that for the sake of this post, I wouldn't include any of them! I'll do another post on my favorite dark lipsticks soon to address that! If you are a big fan of bright corals or orange lipsticks, you'll also love girly shimmery medium pink lipsticks! This is another great way to incorporate a lip color into a dramatic smokey eye look without it being too over the top! 

Products mentioned:
Maybelline Shocking Coral to read a review on this, click here and to purchase, click here
Covergirl Fabulous Fushia to read a review, click here and to buy, click here!

So those were a few of my lip swaps! I know that I'm missing the "usual" fall colors, but I wanted to do something a little more wearable and something that most people would be comfortable wearing! If you have any other fall post suggestions, leave them in a comment and don't forget to subscribe to this blog!

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