Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to: Make a Dramatic Wing Shadow look POP!

Hey everyone!
I recently did a tutorial on how to do a dramatic wing using shadow and some people have emailed me asking how to make it even more trendy and unique! So I have 2 options for you guys! If you want to see that original tutorial, click here!

Option 1: A Gradient
This is super simple and I think that this makes your eyes pop even more and look 10X better than the original wing look! 
1) After you already did your winged look, take a shimmery white shade and apply it around your inner corners and pat it onto the inner third of the lid
2) then take a little bit more of your navy shadow or the shadow you used on your wing and blend it with the white so it is more of a gradient!
That's it! This literally takes 30 seconds and I think that it makes the look even better!

Option 2: Blended with a Different Color
If you are a little bit worried about this look and if you want to make it more wearable, you can blend it out with another color rather than the one that you used on your lid! This can either make it more neutral (if you blend with a brown) or more dramatic (if you blend with a brighter shade!)
1) Take a big fluffy blending brush and a shadow (I used brown, but you can use something else) and apply it right over the upper line of the wing and use windshield wiper motions! 
2) Keep adding color until its as blended out as you would like and also don't forget to blend past your crease all the way to the end of your wing!

So that was my two "add ons" to the dramatic winged look! If you have any tutorial ideas, leave them in the comments and let me know how you personalize your wings!

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