Monday, September 16, 2013

How to: Get a Precise Line with Pencil Liner

Hey everyone!
I know that some people only use pencil liner, but struggle when they do a look that needs a more thin or precise line! So that's why I wanted to share this quick trick that I've been doing lately! 

So you're going to need an angled liner brush and a pencil liner. The creamier that your liner is, the better it'll apply! First you are going to take that angled liner brush and start dabbing it into the pencil liner. Try to load up that brush and get as much of that product as you can on the liner brush. Then you are going to trace your upper (or lower) lashlines with the angled liner brush rather than with the pencil! If you got enough product on the liner brush, you can get a really nice opaque, precise line. 

So this application method is amazing because it eliminates the need for gel liners! Pencil liners are amazing because you can use this method to get a nice precise line and you can also wing it out using this method and you can also apply it straight from the pencil and get a normal smudged out liner look! 

I hope that this helps you guys and if you try this method out, let me know what your think of it in the comments! Also, leave any other post requests in the comments too because I need some more ideas!

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