Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara Review

Hey everyone!
So I received a sample size of the benefit They're Real! mascara in the birthday freebie from Sephora this year! I thought that I'd review it for you because it is a high end mascara that is a little more costly than others and I thought that it would be useful for me to give you my thoughts on it before you purchased it yourself. 

The packaging on this is nothing special. It is a charcoal gray "tube" with a silver cap. It has black writing on it so it is difficult to read, but unless you typically read your mascara tubes, this won't be a huge difficulty. 

The wand is really nice. It has plastic bristles that can really comb through your lashes and can separate really nicely. At the tip of the wand, there is a ball with bristles sticking out of it and the thought behind that is that you could take it and use it to really get the inner and outer lashes. In reality, though, it doesn't really work because the part of the tube that removes the excess product from the wand doesn't remove the excess mascara from the tip of the wand as the ball is a little smaller than the rest of it, so there is usually a glob of mascara. If you tried to use that ball without wiping it off, you would get mascara everywhere! 

Sorry! I am a little cross eyed in this picture!
The formula is nice and it is a little bit on the wetter side. It doesn't clump up easily and you can very well build it up to 3 coats and maybe more! In this picture, I only have on one coat. It isn't particularly curling (and it doesn't claim to be) and in this picture I have not curled my lashes just to give you an idea of it by itself. This mascara gives nice separation and length, but not so much volume. 

Overall, does this give me a "false lash look"? Not particularly, but not a lot of mascaras do for me at least as my lashes are short and straight. I do think that this would be a good mascara if you have naturally curly lashes or if you curl your lashes religiously every single day and it'll also be good for those of you who wants separation and length over volume because this is not volumizing at all! I would recommend getting a sample size of this (either in the Sephora freebie or buy purchasing it) before buying a full size because I think this is totally worth trying. I don't think its worth the hype, but it is a good mascara, just not a holy grail product for me!

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  1. what would you recommend is the best mascara to give you a false lash look?

  2. I've been loving Covergirl Flamed Out mascara lately! I think it gives me the most length without getting clumpy!