Friday, September 6, 2013

Bare Minerals Round the Clock waterproof eyeliner review

Hey everyone!
I have been in love with pencil liners recently and I wanted to do a review on one that I've been loving! It's the bareMinerals round the clock waterproof eyeliner in Midnight (the black shade). I got this in a set from Sephora (to see my sephora haul, click here) and it came with a mini lipgloss and mascara that I will review in separate posts! So lets get started. 

Swatch of eyeliner with flash

First off the packaging. It is a normal pencil liner, but it is not a twist up and therefore has to be sharpened. I know that some people don't like this, but I don't really mind too much. Another thing is that the cap on mine pops off some times so it might not be the best for traveling. 

Swatch of liner without flash

Getting into the formulation, I really love it! It is super creamy and pigmented and you can get a nice pigmented, black line in one light stroke. The pigmentation of this is comparable to the mally liners and the urban decay ones. It is very creamy and it is able to be smudged for up to 30 seconds before it sets. Once it sets, it cannot be budged and it will not move in water, or with friction. It works well on the waterline. It does fade after a few hours, but I haven't found anything that stays well on my waterlines! It also holds up really well on my lower lashline. Overall, it is a great formulation and there are not really any cons to it! 

So overall, I really like this liner! There are only 6 shades, so the color selection is not as good as urban decay, but its still pretty decent! Overall, if you want a great waterproof pencil liner that will stay put without smudging, check it out! I'll leave a link to the bare minerals website if you'd like to purchase it here. Let me know what your favorite pencil liner formulations are in the comments below!

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