Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bare Mineral's Pink Prosecco Lipgloss Review

 Hey everyone! 
I am reviewing a Bare Minerals lipgloss that I have been using recently a lot! Its from bare minerals and it is in the shade pink prosecco. 

The packaging is just like a normal lipgloss. The applicator is a brush, which I quite like as opposed to a doe foot applicator. Also, the brush is nice because it is a little bit shorter than most brushes and is a little wider, so it can cover your entire mouth easily. The packaging is clear tube with a rubberized lid similar to the NARS packaging. This attracts powder and shadows and all that like crazy so it isn't going to stay pretty and black for long!

The formula is nice. It isn't sticky at all, which I know some people are going to love, but the trade off with that is that it doesn't last on the lips as long as a stickier formula will. The formula is also thin. Because it is so thin, it goes on a little sheerer and with less pigment (but that's also due to the lightness of the color) and you can also feel the glitter and shimmer's grittiness because it isn't suspended in the gloss, but sits right on top of your lips. 

This shade isn't anything unique or different, but it is a light peachy pink that is more warmed toned than most pinks that has a lot of shimmer and sparkle in it. It goes on pretty much clear and lets a lot of your natural lip color show through when you wear it, but the sparkle shows up. I think this is better as a layering product because you can then get that sparkle while letting a lipliner or lipstick's color show through. 

Overall, I don't really recommend this product unless you like lightweight non sticky glosses. I can't recommend it because of the gritty texture and the sheerness of the formula. If you've tried this lipgloss, let me know your thoughts on it and don't forget to follow this blog for more reviews and tutorials!

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