Sunday, September 1, 2013

3rd Liebster Award Nomination

Hey everyone!
I have been nominated for another Liebster award by Lucy from Dreaming up DIYs. I love her blog and if you'd like to check her out, click here. So the way that she did her liebster award is a little different than the previous two because I have to share 11 facts about myself as well as answer her 11 questions so this post might be long!

11 facts about me!
1) I am very outgoing and I am the person who wants to do everything at least once!
2) Here's a little shameless self promoting, but I have another blog on my life and health and all that jazz and I'll link it here for you. 
3) Once I like a song, it's all that I'll listen to! (right now its no church in the wild)
4) I tend to overreact especially when I'm stressed
5) I have a very set morning routine that I never stray from
6) I am a cheerleader (which I'm sure lots of you knew)
7) I have a younger brother and sister
8) I do my christmas shopping so early! Like its september and I already have presents for my friends!
9) I love scents, but my favorites are musky and spicy scents. So basically fall and winter type scents. 
10) I love coconut! The smell and the taste is amazing! There are also Hawaiian desserts that I love like Kulolo (taro and coconut) and Haupia!
11) I can't wait to go to college and move away! But I still have another few years...

Lucy's 11 questions
1) favourite scent?
For my room it would be Cinnamon Sticks from Bath and Body works, but on me it would be Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. 
2) pet peeve?
When people can see that I'm busy and bother me deliberately. Or when I can hear people eat!
3) favourtie blogs to read of all time?
I love Temptalia and I also really like FleurdeForce and
4) favorite thing about blogging?
Having a reason to switch up my makeup! If it wasn't for blogging, I would get into a makeup rut, but because I want to show you new things, I change it up!
5) Gold or silver?
6) Favorite food?
Spicy ahi rolls! They're heaven! 
7) Favorite childhood memory?
The first  time I went to disneyland with my family! I was 4 at the time and it was so magical!
8) If you could visit any place, where would it be?
There are so many! But New York during Christmastime, Australia during the fall/winter, or California anytime! I love california :D
9) Go to lipstick?
MAC to catch a sailor. It was limited edition, but its a great brown toned nude with golden shimmer. 
10) If you're stuck on an island with your family, food and water, what 3 things would you bring?
My iphone because I can blog and call someone to get me off the island and take pictures! A boat either to go fishing of the coastline (I love fishing!) and to get us out of the island. And one of my friends so theres never a dull moment. 
11) Favorite Season?
I love the time from halloween through new years. Does the holiday season count? If not, then either fall or winter because I love the atmosphere and the scents. 

So my nominees are listed below as well as my questions for them. If I haven't nominated you and you'd still like to answer the questions, I would love it if you'd leave it in the comments!

There werent a lot of bloggers that I haven't already nominated so here are my 6!
1) CaliJae
2) HerStyletto
3) Honey and cotton
4) Macaroon Style
5) Perla Sancheza
6) Style life Lovely

11 questions for my nominees
1) why did you start blogging?
2) favorite fall lipstick?
3) favorite makeup item?
4) holy grail product?
5) favorite makeup brand?
6) favorite youtube beauty guru?
7) favorite television show?
8) best part of blogging?
9) favorite starbucks drink?
10) favorite season for makeup?
11) favorite movie?


  1. Thank you so much! This means a lot to me :)


  2. no problem! and I really love your blog and I enjoy reading it whenever I can!