Thursday, August 29, 2013

Updated Beauty Virtues and Vices

Hey everyone! 
In January I did a Vices and Virtues post on this blog and I thought that I would do an updated one for you guys today! If you want to read the old post, I'll link it here for you guys. So let's get started...

1) Not wearing heavy makeup most days
This is one of the biggest virtues for me because I've worn heavy foundation a lot daily when I was younger and it totally wrecked my skin and irritated it so much! I've been letting my skin breath more now, and just using concealer and it works so much better!
2) Wearing lip balm daily
This used to be a step that I'd forget, but now that I've made an effort to use my EOS lip balms every single day, I love the way that my lipsticks apply and how my lips feel!
3) Wearing my retainer nightly
I know this isn't really that "beauty" related, but your teeth are sort of part of your beauty routine, right? Well I've been wearing my retainer nightly, which is going to keep my teeth nice and straight! 

1) Touching my face
I touch my face so much! Its so bad because it spreads bacteria and germs, but its almost like a habit! 
2) Washing my hair daily
I've had cheerleading almost daily now and I've been washing my hair daily to get rid of the sweat and oil. It's really bad because it can dry out my hair, but I still do it!
3) Messing with my cuticles
I have been playing with my cuticles and whenever I get a hangnail I pull at it instead of cutting it and its so bad because it makes my fingers and hands look disgusting!

So that were my 3 beauty virtues and 3 beauty vices. I would love to hear what yours are so if you're a blogger do a post on it and link it in a comment! You can also leave me some of your virtues and vices in the comments too! Don't forget to follow this blog :D


  1. I will def do this post too! I loved yours :)

    My biggest vice would be sleeping in my makeup + contacts = clothes! It's super sloppy I know :/

    My biggest virtue would be that I drink about a gallon of water a day :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  2. We all have virtues and vices. I share most of these with you though. Touching my face is probably one of the worst habits I have but I do it so much out of habit, most of the time I don't even realize I'm doing it, haha.

  3. me too! It's crazy how we don't notice how much we do it!