Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Balm Nude 'Tude Palette Review

Hey everyone!
I got this eyeshadow palette the other day and I wanted to review it! I am in love with it because it is cheaper than the urban decay naked palettes and it has a greater diversity with some pinker shades and some more mattes! So here is my review!

 So this is the size of a normal palette, it's skinny and a decent size. I love the packaging of this, though!

When you open it, there is a large mirror, which I love! There are two rows of shadows and a mini dual ended brush (one angled crease brush and another liner brush). These shadows are angled and are not in a straight line and the names are super cute!

I'm going to do the top row from left to right. 

A metallic white shade. It is pretty stark white, so I'm not sure its the most versatile highlighter, but its great for the inner corners and the texture is buttery and smooth!

A shimmery pink shade with good pigmentation (it looks lighter on the skin than in the palette)! It has the same great texture. 

A shimmery taupe/grey shade that took a little building up. It has a great texture, but it is on the sheerer side, but with a black or grey base, it'll look great!

A super sparkly medium brown that has the same great texture, but a little sheerer application. Still so gorgeous!

A matte red brown shade. It has a great smooth texture, and wonderful pigmentation! I love this shade so much for the fall and winter seasons!

A matte black. This was so disappointing because it applied patchy and had the worst texture of the bunch. I don't know how this one is so bad because Sexy was great! But it takes a little bit of work and I had to build up the swatch a lot. 

 This is the second row!

A yellow gold shade that is shimmery! It has a great texture that is buttery and smooth and I love this shade so much!

One of the prettiest shades because it is a super metallic champagne shade with great pigmentation and texture!

A great everyday crease shade! A matte medium brown with good color payoff and a buttery texture!

A taupe brown that is shimmery. It is super pretty all over the lid blended out and I love this for a one shadow look!

The most sparkly shade! I haven't tried this on the eye yet, so I'm not sure about fall out, but it has a slightly grittier texture and is a little bit more sheer than the other shades. But it's unique enough that I still plan on using it a lot. 

A matte deep brown that reminds me of MAC Espresso (I'll do comparisons in another post!). Great texture and color payoff!

So that's my review on the nude 'tude palette! Overall, if you're looking for a neutral palette that has  a variety of finishes, this is great! But if you're looking for more metallic or shimmery shades, go for another one (like the naked palettes). It's a great deal for 12 shadows and all of them are great (with the exception of Serious) and no shades are so bad that they are unusable! If you have this, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!


  1. It looks like a good palette. I have the naked palette and it's running out nooooo :( Where can you get this? Do they sell it in boots?

    Sarah x

  2. Hey Sarah!
    I live in the US, but I think that you can get it off amazon, sephora, and, but I have a feeling that international shipping will cost a lot! Sorry I can't help more!

  3. This palette looks amazing! I love the shades. When pay day comes this will be my first purchase love your blog.

    Holly xx

  4. Thanks Holly! I love this palette because it has a great variety of finishes (shimmery, matte, and glittery) unlike the urban decay naked ones, which are usually just shimmery. It's also cheaper than the naked palettes, which is a huge plus!