Saturday, August 31, 2013

Share the Love Saturdays #2

Hey everyone!
I know its been a while (around a month) since my last share the love saturdays post, but this week I have actually got some entries! So if you'd love to be entered in next weeks post, read the rules and instructions here. So without further wait, here are the lovely ladies you should check out!

Emily from Macaroon Style
"I'm fairly new to the blogging world, I post about fashion and DIY Fashion Projects!"

To check out Macaroon Style, click here!

Lucy from Outfit Daze
"My blog is about cute fashion and outfit ideas/inspiraions!"

To check out Outfit Daze, click here!

Just a random interjection here, but Emily and Lucy are sisters! I would love for my sister to blog with me, but she's 5... Maybe in the future? And by the way, they could totally be the Fowler sisters (elle and blair) of blogging!

Lucy also has another blog, so if fashion isn't your thing, you can check this one out!

Lucy from Style Aurora
"I'm all about Beauty, Reviews, Cooking to Hair and much more! I'd appreciate if you'd check out my blog and follow me!"

To check out Style Aurora, click here!

So thank you to everyone that submitted entries! And don't forget to 1) check out these lovely ladies and 2) send me your info so you can be featured!


  1. Thanks for featuring us, I laughed so hard at the 'Elle And Blair' section!

  2. you are so welcome! and it's true! your blogs are absolutely amazing!