Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Shampoos and Conditioners I've been using

Hey everyone!
I have realized that my hair has been acting a little differently than usual, so I thought it would be a good idea to update my every day hair routine!

Tresemee Smooth and Silky Conditioner
My hair has been getting oilier, especially when I use conditioner, so I've been skipping the conditioner on most days, except maybe once every week or so, I'll condition, then shampoo so my hair is a little more conditioned. It has also been weighing my hair down more, so I don't use this very often. 

Herbal Essences: Honey I'm Strong & Hello Hydration
I switch between these 2 shampoos and I don't really notice a difference between them and the way that my hair feels. Because I'm not using conditioner, I've been using these to return some moisture to my hair. Also, I've been shampooing everyday (I know it's bad!) and I use these shampoos almost every day. 

Paul Mitchell: Thickening Shampoo
This shampoo gets my hair really clean, but also doesn't moisturize, so I use this maybe 2 days a week to give my hair texture, but I wouldn't use this everyday without a conditioner. 

So that's the shampoos and conditioners that I've been using! Let me know what shampoos and conditioners you've been using in the comments below!

Products mentioned:
Tresemee conditioner
Paul Mitchell shampoo
Honey I'm Strong shampoo
Hello Hydration shampoo


  1. I love tresemme! I haven't had much of a problem with it weighing my hair down but do feel like I want more volume on top. Great post!



  2. Thanks! And I think it'll be better in the winter when I sweat less and my hairs less oily!