Friday, August 30, 2013

Neutral High School Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!
I know that I have already done a huge amount of high school neutral makeup looks! I have this new makeup look for you today and the best part is that it involves only 2 shadows! Also, I got a lot of compliments on this today and I'm sure you will if you wear this too!

I used a little bit of concealer on my face, but no foundation! I really don't like to use foundation most days. I also used a little bit of a peach toned blush because it looks great and natural on all skin tones! I also used a little bit of a champagne powder highlight on my cheek bones to help illuminate my face! 

I primed with a champagne cream shadow on my lids. I applied it heavier on my lids and blended it upwards. I then took a shimmery champagne shadow a little bit darker than the shade that I primed with. I applied this all over the lid and inner corners. I then took a shimmery bronze shade and deepened the outer V with it and blended it inwards towards the lid. I used a black pencil liner on my upper lashline and used a stiff angled brush to smudge it out. I took that same brush and a black matte shadow and used it to smudge and extend the liner into a subtle wing. I also took the leftovers on the brush and smudged it under the lower lashes. I then took a mascara and applied it to my upper lashes. 

I'm not wearing anything on my lips in this picture, but during the day I wore a pink tinged nude shimmery lip gloss!

I hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial! If you have any requests, leave it in a comment below!

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