Thursday, August 15, 2013

Huge Clothing haul!

Hey everyone!
So I went shopping in Nevada and Cali when I was there and let's be honest. I bought a lot. But that makes for a fun haul, right? But first the disclaimer. I used my own money for all of this stuff and it's pretty much all of my back to school/end of summer shopping. Let's start!

 This sweater is so cute! It's from H&M and it was on clearance for $10. It's the cute white with pink and orange and purple "speckles" on it. I love that the back is open because it's very cute and fun!

This tank top is like the ones from my old navy haul. It's just olive green. Nothing special. But if you want to read that old navy haul, click here

This is a pair of leggings from Charlotte Russe. I think it was $12 and I thought it was really cute and that I would wear it a ton for a Rocker Chick look!

Another Charlotte Russe Find! It's a nude/tan top with a V back and a little bit of studs on the sleeves! It's super cute and will be great for school!

Yet another top from Charlotte Russe! It is a top with a tie at the bottom and a lace back and a tiny lace pocket on the front. It's super cute and is another one that I'll wear a ton at school!
 A dress from H&M! I wanted to try this color blocking trend for a while because it's supposed to make you look slimmer, so I bought this dress! I love it because it's not totally bodycon too because the bottom of the dress goes out a little bit, which gives the illusion of a waist! I am going to wear this dress a ton and it was only $12!

A Hollister Jacket. I love this because it is slightly cropped and super soft! One thing to note is that I'm usually a small, but I got a large in this jacket just so it wasn't super tight and was a little looser and baggier (which is how I like my jackets)

So that was my fashion haul! I know it's a lot of stuff, but I love everything I got and I'm going to wear it a ton! Let me know if you've gotten anything recently and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin (widget is in the side bar)!


  1. I have the exact same print as the leggings on a dress. :) Nice haul!

    Sarah x

  2. thanks! lol that seems like it would be a really pretty dress! I love this print so much!