Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Clinique Twilight Mauve and Brandied Plum review

Hey everyone!
I have this duo and I thought I would review the two shadows. So this is going to be my review of twilight mauve and brandied plum. 

Twilight Mauve (lighter shade)
This shade is beautiful! It is a silver tinged lilac! It is so gorgeous and unique. it is a satin finished shadow. The pigmentation is great and the texture of the shadow is really nice and finely milled and buttery. I don't really have any cons to this shadow and I think its really great. 

Brandied Plums (deeper shade)
It is a deep purple shade with a little bit of grey in it. It is matte. It has a stiffer texture than the twilight mauve shadow, but it is still easy to work with. The pigmentation is great and once again, I don't really have any cons. 

These shadows are available in a duo together, and if you're interested in either of these shades or if you like purples, I would totally recommend getting it because its gorgeous and makes for a colorful daytime or nighttime look!

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