Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Benefit Box O Powder: How much powder is in the box?

Hey everyone!
So I know that Rockateur is the newest box o powder from Benefit and that it is super hyped up in the beauty world because of the "rose gold" name. I love temptalia and she recently reviewed this product, which I'll link here for your reading pleasure. She mentioned that it contains a significantly less amount of product for the same price and I thought I'd do a little list on the amounts of the different benefit powders for your information. Also, all the ones listed are available or will be available at either sephora or!

Rockateur "rose gold cheek powder" 0.17 oz
Hervana "orchid blossom blush" 0.28 oz
Bella Bamba "3D watermelon blush" 0.28 oz
Dallas "rosy pink powder" 0.28 oz
CORALista "pinky coral shade" 0.28 oz
Sugarbomb "sugar rush flush" 0.28
Hoola "matte bronzer" 0.28
Dandelion "ballerina pink" 0.28 oz
Thrrrob "cool pink powder" 0.42 oz *only availabe at

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from purchasing rockateur, but just keep these numbers in mind before buying, to make sure your getting something worth the money! Let me know what Box O Powder is your favorite in the comments below! Mines is CORALista :D


  1. Great idea for a post! I think Rockateur looks amazing, but that difference in the amount of product is huge. Hopefully it's very pigmented so it wont take a lot each time you use it!

    I just found your blog and am following :)

    Ivy xx

  2. thanks so much for following Ivy! And I know! I would totally buy Rockateur, but the difference in product deters me!