Thursday, August 1, 2013

Beauty Tips Using Lemons

Hey everyone!
I have loved using lemons in my beauty routine for a while, and I thought that I would share some of my best beauty tips with you!

1) Soak discolored nails in lemon juice
If your nails are yellow tinted or something after using a dark colored polish, soaking it in lemon juice helps revert it to its original shade

1) Get natural highlights
Apply lemon juice to desired areas of the hair and either heat with a blow dryer or stand in the sun for a while. It may take a few tries to get desired shade!
2) Get rid of dullness
If you're hair is dull or seems to not be as smooth or shiny, apply lemon juice all over and rinse when in the shower. You can follow up with a conditioner, but I don't. 

1) Scrub!
Make a scrub using sugar (or salt) and lemon juice! It'll help to remove all of the dead skin cells. 

So these were my top beauty tips using lemons! If you have others that I haven't mentioned, leave them in a comment below!


  1. I love using lemon to lighten my hair, and yes it does take few tries to get desired shade. But now in the summer I don't do it as often because it dries out my hair :( Any tips on that ? :)

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  2. Hey Klara!
    If using lemons to highlight or lighten hair dries it out, what I like to do is use the lemon juice during the day. Then at night after I shampoo and rinse my hair, I apply a lot of conditioner to the damp hair. Instead of rinsing it out, I tie it up in a ponytail or bun and put a showercap over it. It's super moisturizing and if you let it sit for a few hours or if you sleep with it, when you rinse your hair the next morning, your hair will be super soft! Also make sure that you don't use the lemons too often because that can also damage your hair!
    I'd love to check out your blog as well! :D