Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale Haul

Hey everyone!
I bought a few more things from bath and body works because it is in the last few days of their semi annual sale. Most of these products aren't for me, but rather for presents (christmas or birthday) for my friends. I only got 4 items, but it was a great deal as they were only $14 total. 

I bought 2 of the forever Red rollerballs. They were originally $12.50 each, but I got them for $4 each. There were also mini sprays of this perfume, but they were a dolar more and .03 ounces less so I got these instead. I'm probably going to keep one for myself and give another one away to my friends. This scent is amazing and sweet and I would strongly suggest smelling it if you get a chance to. 

I got a rainkissed leaves hand soap. I love the scent of this because its really clean and fresh. It's also a unisex scent and isn't too girly for guys to use. I have a lot of other hand soaps so I'm unsure if I'm going to keep this for myself or give it away. This was $3. 

Country apple body lotion. Another $3 product! I needed a new lotion and I liked the scent of this one so I got it! I love how the scent isn't too strong. 

That's what I got form the bath and body works semi annual sale! If you got anything from this sale, let me know what you got in the comments!

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