Saturday, August 31, 2013

5 Mascara Mistakes You May Be Making

Hey everyone!
This post is going to be on 5 mascara mistakes you can be making. I know that everyone applies mascara a little bit differently, but no matter how you do it, if you do these 5 things, you're messing up your makeup! So let's get started!

1) Keeping your mascara FOREVER
If you can't remember when you've had your mascara, it's been to long! I know that a lot of people say to dump them every 3 months and an easy way to remember that is to change your mascara when the seasons change! If you keep it for longer, it dries out so it works less well and it also harbors bacteria making you susceptible to eye infections. Yuck!

2) Pumping that wand in and out and in and out...
This is so bad for your mascara! You may think that you're loading up your wand, but your actually pushing bacteria further into the tube! There are lots of microscopic bacteria in the air and by pumping that wand, you're pushing them into the mascara! You're also introducing air so that may lead to your mascara drying out faster!

3) Letting your mascara dry between coats
The right way to coat mascara is to apply one coat and right after that doing another one so you can still separate and load it up when the first coat is still wet. By letting it dry, you can get flakes and spider lashes!

4) Looking straight into the mirror
If you're looking straight into the mirror, you can be getting some mascara on your eyelids! If you look down into a mirror, you can be sure to get the roots and you can also minimize the chance of getting mascara on your lids!

5) Applying only from the bottoms of the lashes
If you're applying from the bottoms of your lashes upwards, you may be missing some spaces on the top of the lashes where powder eyeshadow may be hiding! By applying from both the bottom and top, you can be sure to make your lashes fully black (or colored) and perfect!

So I hope that this post helped you! If you have any other mascara mistakes that I haven't mentioned, let me know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe for new posts daily!

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