Saturday, August 31, 2013

5 Mascara Mistakes You May Be Making

Hey everyone!
This post is going to be on 5 mascara mistakes you can be making. I know that everyone applies mascara a little bit differently, but no matter how you do it, if you do these 5 things, you're messing up your makeup! So let's get started!

1) Keeping your mascara FOREVER
If you can't remember when you've had your mascara, it's been to long! I know that a lot of people say to dump them every 3 months and an easy way to remember that is to change your mascara when the seasons change! If you keep it for longer, it dries out so it works less well and it also harbors bacteria making you susceptible to eye infections. Yuck!

2) Pumping that wand in and out and in and out...
This is so bad for your mascara! You may think that you're loading up your wand, but your actually pushing bacteria further into the tube! There are lots of microscopic bacteria in the air and by pumping that wand, you're pushing them into the mascara! You're also introducing air so that may lead to your mascara drying out faster!

3) Letting your mascara dry between coats
The right way to coat mascara is to apply one coat and right after that doing another one so you can still separate and load it up when the first coat is still wet. By letting it dry, you can get flakes and spider lashes!

4) Looking straight into the mirror
If you're looking straight into the mirror, you can be getting some mascara on your eyelids! If you look down into a mirror, you can be sure to get the roots and you can also minimize the chance of getting mascara on your lids!

5) Applying only from the bottoms of the lashes
If you're applying from the bottoms of your lashes upwards, you may be missing some spaces on the top of the lashes where powder eyeshadow may be hiding! By applying from both the bottom and top, you can be sure to make your lashes fully black (or colored) and perfect!

So I hope that this post helped you! If you have any other mascara mistakes that I haven't mentioned, let me know in the comments and don't forget to subscribe for new posts daily!

Share the Love Saturdays #2

Hey everyone!
I know its been a while (around a month) since my last share the love saturdays post, but this week I have actually got some entries! So if you'd love to be entered in next weeks post, read the rules and instructions here. So without further wait, here are the lovely ladies you should check out!

Emily from Macaroon Style
"I'm fairly new to the blogging world, I post about fashion and DIY Fashion Projects!"

To check out Macaroon Style, click here!

Lucy from Outfit Daze
"My blog is about cute fashion and outfit ideas/inspiraions!"

To check out Outfit Daze, click here!

Just a random interjection here, but Emily and Lucy are sisters! I would love for my sister to blog with me, but she's 5... Maybe in the future? And by the way, they could totally be the Fowler sisters (elle and blair) of blogging!

Lucy also has another blog, so if fashion isn't your thing, you can check this one out!

Lucy from Style Aurora
"I'm all about Beauty, Reviews, Cooking to Hair and much more! I'd appreciate if you'd check out my blog and follow me!"

To check out Style Aurora, click here!

So thank you to everyone that submitted entries! And don't forget to 1) check out these lovely ladies and 2) send me your info so you can be featured!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Neutral High School Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!
I know that I have already done a huge amount of high school neutral makeup looks! I have this new makeup look for you today and the best part is that it involves only 2 shadows! Also, I got a lot of compliments on this today and I'm sure you will if you wear this too!

I used a little bit of concealer on my face, but no foundation! I really don't like to use foundation most days. I also used a little bit of a peach toned blush because it looks great and natural on all skin tones! I also used a little bit of a champagne powder highlight on my cheek bones to help illuminate my face! 

I primed with a champagne cream shadow on my lids. I applied it heavier on my lids and blended it upwards. I then took a shimmery champagne shadow a little bit darker than the shade that I primed with. I applied this all over the lid and inner corners. I then took a shimmery bronze shade and deepened the outer V with it and blended it inwards towards the lid. I used a black pencil liner on my upper lashline and used a stiff angled brush to smudge it out. I took that same brush and a black matte shadow and used it to smudge and extend the liner into a subtle wing. I also took the leftovers on the brush and smudged it under the lower lashes. I then took a mascara and applied it to my upper lashes. 

I'm not wearing anything on my lips in this picture, but during the day I wore a pink tinged nude shimmery lip gloss!

I hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial! If you have any requests, leave it in a comment below!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Updated Beauty Virtues and Vices

Hey everyone! 
In January I did a Vices and Virtues post on this blog and I thought that I would do an updated one for you guys today! If you want to read the old post, I'll link it here for you guys. So let's get started...

1) Not wearing heavy makeup most days
This is one of the biggest virtues for me because I've worn heavy foundation a lot daily when I was younger and it totally wrecked my skin and irritated it so much! I've been letting my skin breath more now, and just using concealer and it works so much better!
2) Wearing lip balm daily
This used to be a step that I'd forget, but now that I've made an effort to use my EOS lip balms every single day, I love the way that my lipsticks apply and how my lips feel!
3) Wearing my retainer nightly
I know this isn't really that "beauty" related, but your teeth are sort of part of your beauty routine, right? Well I've been wearing my retainer nightly, which is going to keep my teeth nice and straight! 

1) Touching my face
I touch my face so much! Its so bad because it spreads bacteria and germs, but its almost like a habit! 
2) Washing my hair daily
I've had cheerleading almost daily now and I've been washing my hair daily to get rid of the sweat and oil. It's really bad because it can dry out my hair, but I still do it!
3) Messing with my cuticles
I have been playing with my cuticles and whenever I get a hangnail I pull at it instead of cutting it and its so bad because it makes my fingers and hands look disgusting!

So that were my 3 beauty virtues and 3 beauty vices. I would love to hear what yours are so if you're a blogger do a post on it and link it in a comment! You can also leave me some of your virtues and vices in the comments too! Don't forget to follow this blog :D

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Huge Sephora Haul!

Hey everyone!
I just got a box of goodies from Sephora! I bought a lot more from Sephora in this haul than I usually do because it was during the double points for beauty insiders. I payed for this with my own money and I'm doing this because I love reading hauls and not because I want to brag! So lets get started!

I bought my first brushes that are Sephora brand! It was a Sephora + Pantone Horizon Light brush Collection. It was originally $40, but I got it for $19, which I thought was a great deal for 5 brushes!

I got 2 Bare Minerals Fab in a Flash Collection things! Each comes with a lipgloss, liner, and mascara mini! They were $14 each and I thought they would be great as gifts so I'm keeping one and I'll give one to a friend!

I also got my benefit birthday freebie! It came with a mini watts up and a mini they're real mascara! I also bought a sponge duo because I needed a few dollars more to get free shipping! 

For my samples, I got a Dior cleansing oil by using a promo code (I don't remember what it was, but check retailmenot for great ones!). And for my 3 free samples, I got Dior Hydra BB Eye Cream, Clean Rain, and Urban Decay Naked foundation. 

So I will be doing reviews on most of these products (like the bare minerals, benefit, and brushes). If you have a particular product you'd like a review on, leave it in the comments and don't forget to subscribe for more hauls!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 2013 Birchbox

Hey everyone!
I feel like it's been forever since my last birchbox unboxing post, but it actually has only been 2 months or something like that! So I know that a lot of people get their birchboxes on the second week of the month, but living in hawaii, things get here a little lot later! So here is my fashionably late birchbox unboxing!

Okay! So keep in mind that I haven't tried any of this so this is strictly an unboxing! I'll do reviews once I get a chance to try it out later!

So I have a body lotion from the brand Arangara. The sample size is pretty generous and might get me 2 or three days of use! The full size price is $25, which is pretty steep!

Next is the Becca radiant skin satin finish foundation. They gave me the samples for medium skin and honestly, I don't know if any of these shades will work because they are all too dark! But I can and will try! Full sized price is $42. 

I have the Mally evercolor starlight waterproof eyeliner in Sailor! I just have to say that I am so psyched! I heard Beautybroadcast (Emily Eddington) rave about mally products on youtube and I am so excited! This is a gorgeous navy shade that I'm so excited to test! I think that this is a full sized product too, so SCORE! Full sized price $15. 

I got a mini 100% moroccan argan oil from violet oasis. I haven't tried any moroccan or argan oil, so I really want to use this on my hair! I have heard wonderful things about it! The full sized price is $39.95. 

Lastly, I got a miss jessie's original super slip sudsy shampoo. I probably won't be trying this out because I have lots of shampoo that I like in my shower, but it was nice for them to include it as an extra!

Also, in this months birchbox, there were some codes to get discounts at Ann Taylor! You can get 20% off one item or 30% off two or more! I am going to let my mom use that because she loves ann taylor!

So that was what was in my birchbox! Let me know what was in yours in the comments!

Monday, August 26, 2013

What's in my School Bag!

Hey everyone!
It's the new school year and I thought that I'd better do a what's in my school bag video before my bag gets too cluttered! Lol! I already did one of these posts a while ago, so if you'd like to see that, click here! 

So this is my bag! It may look familiar because I hauled it a while ago! It is amazing and super cute! It can also fit a lot in it!

This is the view of the bag from above! You can get a good overview of what's in it! 

I have a binder for math, science, and psychology. I also have a yellow folder for spanish, a red one for english, and a blue one for history. 

I have 2 composition notebooks! One is for my math notes and the other is my AP Biology lab note book!

This is actually a makeup brush pouch that I got when I ordered a brush set from Sephora, but I'm using it as a pencil case! I cary tons of colored pens, mini scissors, and post-it notes! 

Another little pouch for feminine products... nuff said.

 A planner and a water bottle...

A EOS lip balm (in summer fruit), a bare minerals lipgloss (in pink prosecco), and my wallet! I also carry my laptop in my bag as well as my home lunch if I'm bringing one that day!

So that's what was in my school bag! If you are going back to school or are in school, let me know what's in your bag in the comments!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Makeup of the Night: Brown Smokey Eyes!

Hey everyone!
So I had to do a fundraising thing for cheerleading the other night and I was super excited about this makeup look that I did so I wanted to share it with you! To be honest, I don't really remember the exact shades that I used, but I'll try my best to remember and pass on that info to y'all! So let's get started. 

Face: I used a little bit of the balm's instain blush in swiss dot (a peachy shade) really lightly on my cheeks. 

Eyes: All of my shadows are from the balm's nude tude palette. On the lid, I used a shimmery champagne shade (standoffish). I then took a matte light brown shade and applied it in the crease for subtle definition (sultry). I patted a golden brown shade (sorry, I know that's such a bad description!) on the outer half of my lid (sophisticated). Its just slightly browner and deeper than the champagne shade. I used a little more of the champagne shade to blend so theres not definite line in the middle of your lid! I did my outer "V" trick (take a MAC 217, align upwards with lower lashline and swirl, then place in outer crease and swirl) using a deep matte brown (sleek) and took a matte black on the same brush and patted it where I wanted more smokiness (on the outer portions of my "V"). I also took that same black shade (serious) and smudged it into the lashline. I skipped the brow highlight, but I took a sparkly white and applied it to the inner corner (sassy) and smudged the deep brown on the lower lashline. I finished with a coat of clinique high impact mascara.

Lips: I took this picture after eating, so it wore off, but I used Stila lipglaze in "guava"

So I know that this is such a "the balm" heavy makeup tutorial, but I've been playing around with a few of their products and I didn't mean for it to be so featured in this post! Let me know if you have any post suggestions in the comments!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inspirations Post Roundup

Hey everyone!
Over the past week on both of my blogs, I've posted some beauty and lifestyle inspirations and I thought that I'd do a post linking all of them, just in case you missed a few!

Beauty inspirations
Some nail polish and eye makeup ideas to inspire you for fall!

Fashion inspirations
A couple outfit ideas, a phone case, and quotes to inspire you to dress to impress!

Fitness inspiration
Photos to get you moving! Photos and quotes to help you focus on all aspects of your fitness including cardio and stretching!

Nutrition inspiration
For all you foodies out there! Some nutritious and healthy foods for inspiration!

So these were my inspiration posts! Let me know which ones were your favorite in the comments below!

Beauty Inspirations

Hey everyone!
I have a lot of beauty inspirations and I wanted to share them with you! So lets get started...

I love to wear burgundy and plum shadows during the fall and I'm so excited to wear shadows like these soon!


Galaxy nails. They are so cute! I think I'd mess them up, but if I can find a nail sticker like this, I'd be all over them!

This makeup look would be perfect for birthday parties and football games and all of that! I love glitter :D

I love the pop of purple on the inner lower lashline! Its so pretty and it adds some color to a dramatic, neutral look!

Peacock nails! These are so cute and I love the peacock colors! 

So those were some of my beauty inspirations! Let me know if you like these posts because I can do more of them if you'd like me to! Also, leave a comment with your beauty inspirations!

Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY Crayon Candle

Hey everyone!
I have a fun little DIY for you today! It's great if you have tons of broken candles lying around and you need to find a way to reuse them! This isn't the best smelling or burning candle, but its a really cute decorative item! So let's get started!

You'll need...
A glass jar
A microwave 
Candle wicks (or birthday candles)

Step 1:
Take your crayons and take the paper off of them. And break your crayons into small pieces so they'll melt easier.

 Step 2:
Arrange your crayons in the jar. You can layer by color, or just do them mismatched for a more "tie dye" type look. 

Step 3:
Place glass jar in microwave and microwave until crayons are slightly melted (around 2 1/2 minutes). The glass will be VERY HOT when you take it out of the microwave so use a towel or something.

Step 4: 
Take your wicks or birthday candles and stick them into the melted wax and hold until set. If you're using birthday candles, use 2 or 3. Make sure to put it in the center so the soot doesn't get on the sides of the glass. 

Step 5:
Light your candle and enjoy! 

This candle doesn't burn well for long periods of time and it is totally more decorative than useful. It also smells like crayons when it melts (no kidding!) so if you don't like that smell, maybe this isn't for you!

So I hope you enjoyed this DIY! If you try it, make sure to email me some pictures and leave a comment below if you like these DIY posts!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Youtubers making Makeup!

Hey everyone!
I have noticed a new trend of youtube beauty gurus making their own makeup collections and lines. I wanted to share with you a few of the new releases and a few old favorites! 

Wayne Goss - Brush collection
Totally one of the coolest youtubers out there! He makes amazingly easy to follow tutorials and is so skilled on everything makeup related! He is making a line of 8 brushes all cruelty free and handmade in japan. You can get on the mailing list to be the first to know when it releases by clicking here.

Michelle Phan - Makeup line
I'll be honest with you guys. I'm not the hugest michelle phan fan. I just prefer other youtubers over her and I don't really watch her videos that often. With that being said, I don't know how long she's had this makeup line, but you can check it out here.  

Elle and Blair Fowler - Makeup line
This is a tried and true unlike the other two collections. I love their eyeshadows and powder products because the Snowkissed Cashmere palette they released last winter was amazing! I haven't tried a lot of other products from this line, but I really liked the eyeshadows!

These are a few youtube guru makeup lines! If you have tried anything from michelle phans makeup line, let me know what you think of it in the comments below! Also, don't forget to subscribe! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Benefit Box O Powder: How much powder is in the box?

Hey everyone!
So I know that Rockateur is the newest box o powder from Benefit and that it is super hyped up in the beauty world because of the "rose gold" name. I love temptalia and she recently reviewed this product, which I'll link here for your reading pleasure. She mentioned that it contains a significantly less amount of product for the same price and I thought I'd do a little list on the amounts of the different benefit powders for your information. Also, all the ones listed are available or will be available at either sephora or!

Rockateur "rose gold cheek powder" 0.17 oz
Hervana "orchid blossom blush" 0.28 oz
Bella Bamba "3D watermelon blush" 0.28 oz
Dallas "rosy pink powder" 0.28 oz
CORALista "pinky coral shade" 0.28 oz
Sugarbomb "sugar rush flush" 0.28
Hoola "matte bronzer" 0.28
Dandelion "ballerina pink" 0.28 oz
Thrrrob "cool pink powder" 0.42 oz *only availabe at

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from purchasing rockateur, but just keep these numbers in mind before buying, to make sure your getting something worth the money! Let me know what Box O Powder is your favorite in the comments below! Mines is CORALista :D

A Quick Question for You Guys

Hey everyone!
So I was wondering how you can leave a link in a blogger comment. I know that on wordpress and disqus a URL will automatically link to the website, but on blogger, I don't know how to link! I tried googleing it, but nothing has worked for me yet, so if any of you know how to do it, please leave it in a comment below!
Thanks so much!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Some Fashion Inspiration

Hey everyone!
This post is going to be picture heavy and content light. I just wanted to share some of my current inspirations!

I'm getting an iphone 4S and I've been loving these phone cases! They're all so cute and quirky! 

It's the start of school and this is a totally great fall look! The jacket and jeans make it casual, but the boots and accessories dress it up!

Well I'm not visiting Berlin (I wish I was!) but this is another really cute outfit that would be great for school! I would just leave out the blazer (its too dressy). 

 A more casual outfit, but still really cute! I'd wear a stack of bangles to make it a little more girly!

Finally, a quote from tumblr! I love this quote so much and it is totally true!

If you like these types of posts, let me know in the comments because I think they are so fun to do! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bag and Wallet Haul!

Hey everyone!
So I know a lot of you know that I've been in Cali and Nevada these past few weeks, but if you didn't, that's where I've been! You can read more about my trips on my other blog, which I'll link here. But I've gone to a lot of outlets including Barstow and the ones in Las Vegas and I've picked up a lot of bags and wallets and things so this will be one of the many hauls coming soon!

So let's start with the wallets. I got 2 of the exact same ones in different colors. One is for me (the pink one of course!) and the blue one is a present for one of my friends. I got this from an amazing store called wilson's leather. They had an amazing clearance and these wallets were originally $30, but were on sale for $20, but I paid $5 for them! The only downside is that they don't have too many spaces for cards and they don't have a coin space, but they are so gorgeous and amazing!

This is another bag that I got from Wilson's Leather. It is going to be my school bag this year and I love it so much! It's a large tote bag that has one zipper on the outside and one on the inside. I also got a great deal on this because it was originally $140, on sale it was $100, but I paid $23. Yay for sales!

This was my most expensive bag purchase. It is a satchel from Aldo. It was originally $55, but I paid $38 for it. I love this bag so much because it has the blue tiles on one side (that you can see in the picture), but the other side is plain white so I can flip it if blue doesn't match my outfit! 

These were the bags and wallets I bought on my trip! Let me know you're great fashion finds in the comments and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' (click the widget in the side) for my fashion hauls!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Makeup of the Day: Winged Liner

Hey everyone!
So I had one of my friends birthday parties today, so I wanted to do something a little bit different with my makeup. I never, ever do winged liner, so I decided to do it today and see how it came out! So lets get started...

Face: I used concealer under the eyes and on some blemishes. I also used Benefit Coralista on my cheeks and also Satin Sparks highlighter

from Skylark on my cheekbones. 

Eyes: I primed using a champagne cream, shimmery shadow on my eye. I used Maybelline Barely Branded. I used a peach, shimmery shade all over my lid. I also put a matte light brown into my crease and used a bronze on the outer half of my lid. I also took a shimmery black and used it on my outer V to deepen it up a little. I also took the same black shade under my lashline. I used my Jordana liquid liner to do a thin line that thickens out, winging it dramatically. I finished with 2 coats of clinique high impact mascara. 

Lips: I've been loving my artistry glitz lipgloss again! It's a beautiful shimmery pink that goes well with any makeup look! I reviewed this lipgloss and I'll link that here

So this was my attempt at winged eyeliner! Don't forget to subscribe to this blog if you like these makeup of the day posts and also leave a comment below with suggestions for future posts!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Picture day Makeup Tutorial!

Hey everyone!
I had my registration day at school recently, which is where they take yearbook photos and id card photos and I did this makeup look! So I thought that I'd share it with you guys. It's not really that big of a deal at my school to do heavy makeup, but I just want to have a nice sculpted eye for my pictures! So let's get started.

Face: I didn't want to wear foundation because I was going to cheer right after, but I wore some concealer on my blemishes. I also applied a shimmery highlighter (the balm's mary loumanizer) on my cheek bones and a matte peach blush (the balm instain in swiss dot) on my cheeks. 

Eyes: I applied a matte cream shade all over my eye (from lashline to browbone). I used MAC Brulee. Then I took a matte light brown (sultry in the balms nude tude palette) and applied it to my crease to lightly contour my eye. I took a deep dark brown (MAC Espresso) and applied that to my outer V and blended it in towards my lid. Then I took a matte black (serious in the nude tude palette) and patted it on top of the outer v. I also used the matte black shade as liner and under the outer portion of the lower lashline. I finished with a couple coats of covergirl lashblast volume (waterproof). 

Lips: I used my Stila lipglaze in tropical punch (not wearing it in the photo though!) just to add some color and shine without shimmer. 

So that was my picture day makeup tutorial! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below and if you are still in school, let me know what you wore/are wearing for your picture day makeup!

Double Points for Sephora Beauty Insiders

Hey everyone!
So I just wanted to let you know that from now until the 18th, beauty insiders can get double points on any purchase they make at sephora or on Also, VIBs get triple points and VIB Rouge members get quadruple points. This is to celebrate the relaunching of the Sephora rewards program! I already placed a "small" order online to get the points and my free birthday prezzie! Let me know if you're going to order anything in the comments below!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

DDF Brightening Cleanser Review

Hey everyone!
I got the DDF Brightening Cleanser for free with my birchbox order a few weeks ago. If you'd like to see that Birchbox haul, I'll link it here for you. But this was one of the 2 packs that you can get for free with a $35 purchase. I brought this as the only cleanser to use on my 3 week trip, which could have ended up so badly if I hated this cleanser, but I actually ended up liking it! So let's get to my review. 

I'll try something new with this and do a pro/con format...

I think that it's helping to fade my acne scars and I noticed that my skin looks great after using this. It also helps to control oil, but I still broke out a lot when I used this (but I don't know if it's because I was outdoors a lot and sweating more than usual). It says that its supposed to even skintone and smooth texture and I think that it actually works! I used this in combo with my clarasonic and I felt like it worked really well. 

The smell! Ohmygosh the smell is terrible! I can handle a lot of scents, but this one was just terrible! I can't even describe it, but the worst thing about it is that it lingers on your hands after you apply it. I would strongly suggest using this at night so that the scent fades during the night. Another thing is that it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which can increase skin sensitivity to UV rays and can increase your chance of sunburn. I just want to remind you guys that if you use this cleanser in particular, use sunscreen!

Overall, if you're not sensitive to scents and you have issues with hyperpigmentation and acne scars, I would strongly suggest this because after a month of continuous use once a day, I noticed a considerable difference! If you have this, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

Huge Clothing haul!

Hey everyone!
So I went shopping in Nevada and Cali when I was there and let's be honest. I bought a lot. But that makes for a fun haul, right? But first the disclaimer. I used my own money for all of this stuff and it's pretty much all of my back to school/end of summer shopping. Let's start!

 This sweater is so cute! It's from H&M and it was on clearance for $10. It's the cute white with pink and orange and purple "speckles" on it. I love that the back is open because it's very cute and fun!

This tank top is like the ones from my old navy haul. It's just olive green. Nothing special. But if you want to read that old navy haul, click here

This is a pair of leggings from Charlotte Russe. I think it was $12 and I thought it was really cute and that I would wear it a ton for a Rocker Chick look!

Another Charlotte Russe Find! It's a nude/tan top with a V back and a little bit of studs on the sleeves! It's super cute and will be great for school!

Yet another top from Charlotte Russe! It is a top with a tie at the bottom and a lace back and a tiny lace pocket on the front. It's super cute and is another one that I'll wear a ton at school!
 A dress from H&M! I wanted to try this color blocking trend for a while because it's supposed to make you look slimmer, so I bought this dress! I love it because it's not totally bodycon too because the bottom of the dress goes out a little bit, which gives the illusion of a waist! I am going to wear this dress a ton and it was only $12!

A Hollister Jacket. I love this because it is slightly cropped and super soft! One thing to note is that I'm usually a small, but I got a large in this jacket just so it wasn't super tight and was a little looser and baggier (which is how I like my jackets)

So that was my fashion haul! I know it's a lot of stuff, but I love everything I got and I'm going to wear it a ton! Let me know if you've gotten anything recently and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin (widget is in the side bar)!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Google + Page

Hey everyone!
So I finally made a google + page for this blog! I know that my facebook page didn't last too long before I took it down (it was embarrassing how long I was going between posts!) but I hope that this will be a better way for me to connect with some of you! 

So I'll link it here and I hope that some of you will follow me because I'll try to post my new blog posts on there as soon as they come up!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Makeup of the day: Featuring The Balm's Nude 'Tude

Hey everyone!
It's time for another makeup of the day post using the Nude 'Tude palette! 

Face: I didn't do any face makeup, but I did fill in my brows! If you want to do foundation or contouring, go for it! But I didn't feel like it today. 

Eyes: I used a concealer to prime my eyes and went over it with a pressed face powder to set it. Then I used a grey shimmery shade (Selfish) and patted it all over the lid. I kept it light and sheer instead of packing it on. I took a deeper brown shade with green and red shimmer (Sophisticated) and applied that into the crease trying to be really precise and I also took it on an angled brush under the lower lashline. I finished off by taking a matte black (Serious) and patting a little on the outer corners and the outer third of my lower lashline blending it into Sophisticated. I finished with a white shimmery shadow (Sassy) on the browbone! I used a black liquid liner on my upper lashline and two coats of clinique high impact mascara. 

Lips: I used my maybelline shocking coral lipstick and sheered it out to get a subtle tint. If you want to know how to sheer out lipsticks, click here

So that was my makeup of the day! Let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!