Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Skincare Routine

Hi everyone!
I am doing my skincare routine for you today because I haven't done one yet and I thought it would be fun to do! So here it is. Also, I have combination, acne prone skin, but I don't really break out too often unless its that time of the month (I think you know what I mean). 

I only use a washcloth with water to cleanse my face in the morning. I don't use a soap or my clarasonic because it strips my face too much and I think that this works a lot better for my skin type. I also switch my moisturizers up a lot, so I won't mention them because I don't have one that I particularly love. 

At nighttime, I either use a oil free acne wash from target or a deep cleanser cream. But most nights, I use the acne wash because I feel like it really helps with my acne. I also use my clarasonic mia 2. I use the "normal" skin setting on my face, but I use the "sensitive" skin setting on my neck and chest area. I also use the sensitive skin brush head. 

Once or Twice a Week
Once or twice a week, I like using either a mask or a scrub. I use either my suki face scrub, my neutrogena deep clean mask, or a vasanti brighten up! cleanser. I already reviewed the suki scrub, so if you'd like my thoughts on that, click here. I know that I could technically use the vasanti cleanser on my face as a cleanser, but I use the clarasonic daily, so that combined with a grittier cleanser, is a little too much. 

So this was my skincare routine! I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and let me know in the comments what you use in your skincare routine!

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