Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I've been nominated for a Liebster award!

Hey everyone!
I was just nominated for a liebster award by Karina from Beauty Over Boys. Her blog is amazing and if you'd like to check it out, I'll link it here for you!

On Karina's blog post about this, I learned about the 5 rules. They are:
1) Link the Blogger who nominated you
2) Answer 10 questions given by the blogger who nominated you
3) Choose 10 bloggers to be nominated
4) Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer
5) Let the nominees know you've nominated them!

Here's Karina's 10 questions for me!
1) when did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging at the start of this year (January or February?). I started blogging because I love the beauty gurus on youtube and I thought that I could contribute to the beauty world through a blog!
2) if you could choose only one brand of makeup to use, which would it be?
Probably MAC. I don't think that there formulations are the best, but they have a great color selection with they're lip and eye products so I would have lots of options!
3) sneakers or heels?
I wear flip flops daily (because I live in Hawaii), but if I like wearing heels more than sneakers overall!
4) what is your favorite color?
Yellow! I like really bright yellows like lemon yellow or banana yellow, but definitely not mustard or deep yellow shades. 
5) favorite nail polish color?
I don't have any specific shade name for you, but medium purples are my favorite! I think they're super flattering and go well any time of the year!
6) what is your favorite blog?
I love Temptalia! Her blog is amazing and I love how she can review high end products and drugstore products. 
7) what type of music do you listen to?
Mostly mainstream music! I like a lot of hip hop and pop music. My favorite band would probably be 30 seconds to mars!
8) would you rather have long hair or short hair for the rest of your life?
Long hair because I think its more versatile because you can wear it down and up and you can also heat style it easier than short hair. 
9) what is your favorite food?
I love spicy ahi bowls! They are pretty much spicy ahi (the stuff on top of sushi) over hot rice with seaweed or other things on top of it. 
10) when you do your makeup, do you focus on eyes or lips?
I focus on eyes on most days because I feel that you can be very dramatic with liner and lashes and deep shades, but it can still look great for everyday.

I don't know who I'm nominating yet, but I'll do a separate blog post on who I nominate and what their 10 questions will be! If you're an up and coming beauty blogger, leave your blog in a comment below and I may nominate you! 


  1. Love your answers!!! Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx

    Gleaming Spire * Bloglovin'

  2. I'm a 30 seconds to Mars fan too! :)

  3. sure I'd love to! and thanks!

  4. yay! they're the best! I love their newest album :D