Thursday, July 25, 2013

Color Club Wanderlust Collection: Review Roundup!

Hey everyone!
I have individually reviewed all 4 shades of the color club wanderlust collection so I wanted to do a post roundup so you can have the links to all the reviews in one place!

Reign in Spain
a cream formula bright neon coral shade! 

Mod in Manhattan
a cream formula light cream/nude shade

London Calling
a brightened almost neon mint green shade. It also has a cream formula!

Pardon my French
a medium purple/lilac shade with a hint of pink in it and a cream finish. 

If you'd like to buy all 4 shades, you can on for $8! I'll link the site here, so you don't have to search on the web for it! Also, if you have any of these shades, let me know your thoughts on it in either the comments of this post or the comments of the individual reviews!

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