Thursday, July 18, 2013

Color Club London Calling Nail Polish Review

after the first coat
Hey everyone!
I got this nail polish shade in my birchbox last month and since I am reviewing almost everything else that I got in that birchbox, I thought that I'd do a review on this too. 

after the third coat
London Calling is a bright and vibrant mint green. I don't really know how to describe it because it is not neon, but it is not as subdued and light as a usual mint green. It also looks different in the types of light you're in. When it's in direct light it tends to look a lot lighter than if you're in the shade. This is a very unique color and I don't know of any dupes off of the top of my head. Usually, I like color club formulas because I can get full opaque and even coverage in 2 coats, but this one seemed a little off. I did the first coat, which was unbelievably streaky and patchy. Usually the second coat evens it out, which it did, but it was still a little too streaky for my liking so I had to add a thick third coat to get the evenness that I like. This formula was nice as it wasn't too runny and sheer or too thick and hard to work with. 

Overall, I think that this color is worth buying if you like this shade and are willing to take extra care when applying it so as not to streak. Also, on, this shade is in a set with 3 other minis (4 total) for only $8. I ordered this set so I'll be doing reviews on the other 3 colors shortly. If you got this shade, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!

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