Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blake Lively Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!
I was watching a few old episodes of Gossip Girl (I love that show!) and I was really inspired to do a Blake Lively inspired makeup look. It looks totally different on me than her (different hair colors, skin colors...) but the makeup itself is pretty similar. 

Do your typical foundation and concealer. I used a satin finished bronzer and did a little bit of contouring around the cheekbones, jaw line, and hairline. I also took a golden highlighter and applied that to the cheekbones and browbone. I also filled in my brows!

Prime your eyes. Take a golden champagne shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid. Pack it on a lot so you get that color and shimmer. Take a medium taupe shimmery shade and apply that to the outer portion of the crease and outer third of the eye lid. Take a fluffy blending brush with some more of the gold shade and use that to blend across the lid and up around the crease until you eliminate harsh lines. I took a black pencil liner and a black shadow on a eyeliner brush and smudged it out so the eyeliner is dramatic. I took some of the taupe eyeshadow and used that under my eyes. I finished with 2 coats of a black mascara. 

Lips: I used a little bit of a medium peach shade on my lips and finished with a light, nude, gloss. 

That was my Blake Lively makeup tutorial! Leave your thoughts on it in the comments below and if you have another celeb you'd like a tutorial on, leave it below!


  1. So pretty-it looks really glamorous. You should try doing a Mila Kunis look!


  2. You look gorgeous with that look! Would love to see more of these:-) We would love for you to check out our blog and tell us what you think:-)

    Rona and Laura xox

  3. thanks! and I'll try to do a Mila Kunis one soon!