Sunday, July 7, 2013

Benefit Sun Beam Review

Hi guys! 
I featured this product in a video a few weeks ago and I got a few questions about whether or not I would recommend it so I decided to do a blog post reviewing it for you. On another note, sorry about the bad pictures. There are weird shadows, but I hope that you still get the general idea. 

First, the packaging is in benefit's "stain" type packaging with a plastic bottle that looks like a nail polish bottle with a brush applicator. I only have the sample size of this, but the full size looks exactly the same, but bigger. You're supposed to use this by dotting a few dabs on your cheekbones and wherever else you'd like to highlight and blending it in with your fingers. I also apply a bit to my hand and use a brush to apply it as well, which works good too. It is a thicker consistency than the "tints" by benefit and it has the texture and consistency of a thin cream. It's easy to blend and it leaves a subtle sheen. 

The top swatch is one brush and the bottom swatch is
blended (how it would look on the face)
This product gives a golden sheen to the face. It does contain shimmer, which is nice because it's fine and doesn't make you look greasy or glittery. I think that this looks better on people with darker complexions that can't wear pearl toned shades as well and want a great highlight. It is also great when you do a bronzed face because it helps to bring out those deeper tones. 

Overall, I would recommend this product, but I would strongly suggest buying a kit that contains a small size because I have had my sample size for a few months and there is still a ton left. So I hope that this was useful!

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