Wednesday, July 31, 2013

5 minute summer smokey eye tutorial

Hey everyone!
I have a video for you today, showing you how you can get a summer smokey eye in less than 5 minutes. I was going to do a blog post on this, but it doesn't work that well, because you can't see me doing the makeup in "real time". So I hope that you enjoy this tutorial!

If you enjoyed this makeup tutorial, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment below letting me know what your favorite makeup to wear during the summer is!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Skincare Routine

Hi everyone!
I am doing my skincare routine for you today because I haven't done one yet and I thought it would be fun to do! So here it is. Also, I have combination, acne prone skin, but I don't really break out too often unless its that time of the month (I think you know what I mean). 

I only use a washcloth with water to cleanse my face in the morning. I don't use a soap or my clarasonic because it strips my face too much and I think that this works a lot better for my skin type. I also switch my moisturizers up a lot, so I won't mention them because I don't have one that I particularly love. 

At nighttime, I either use a oil free acne wash from target or a deep cleanser cream. But most nights, I use the acne wash because I feel like it really helps with my acne. I also use my clarasonic mia 2. I use the "normal" skin setting on my face, but I use the "sensitive" skin setting on my neck and chest area. I also use the sensitive skin brush head. 

Once or Twice a Week
Once or twice a week, I like using either a mask or a scrub. I use either my suki face scrub, my neutrogena deep clean mask, or a vasanti brighten up! cleanser. I already reviewed the suki scrub, so if you'd like my thoughts on that, click here. I know that I could technically use the vasanti cleanser on my face as a cleanser, but I use the clarasonic daily, so that combined with a grittier cleanser, is a little too much. 

So this was my skincare routine! I hope that you enjoyed this blog post and let me know in the comments what you use in your skincare routine!

Monday, July 29, 2013

What's in my Medicine/Beauty Cabinet

Hi everyone!
I wanted to show you my medicine cabinet organization. I don't actually use this for medicine storage, but I use it for some beauty and skincare products. 

This is what it looks like closed. It is mirrored and has 2 opening doors and one that pulls down. I only store things in the top cabinet, so that's the part that I'll show you. And by the way, those are finding nemo pictures underneath it! (We have a very "underwater" theme going on in my bathroom)

This is the overview. It's kind of a mess on the left side, but that's okay! I'll organize it a little bit more later.

This is the top shelf. Starting from left to right... Bandaids then cleansing pads that I used when I had a neutrogena wave. Then I have three different types of sunscreens. I have a sweet pea shower gel, a winter candy apple shower gel, a pink sugarplum shower gel, and a vanilla bean noel shower gel. Then I have hand soaps. I have a white citrus, two cucumber melon, and one fresh strawberry. Then I have a johnsons baby shampoo and another shampoo. 

This is the bottom shelf. From left to right again. There is a box of my contacts, 2 things of band aids (princess and angry birds). There are more sun screens (mostly neutrogena). Then I have a healthy sexy hair shampoo and a healthy sexy hair conditioner. Three things of hair color and my travel toiletries bag. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you keep in your medicine or beauty cabinet in the comments below!


Sunday, July 28, 2013

No Makeup, Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!
I wanted to do a no makeup, makeup tutorial for you today, because I know a lot of people are trying to experiment with this type of minimalist makeup in the summer! So this is my take on the no makeup trend!

Face: I didn't do any face makeup, but if you are someone who likes to wear foundation daily, I suggest going with a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer  Something that will even out your skin, but won't look cakey or obvious. I also didn't use any blush, but if you're going to, use a matte or satin finish shade and if you use a bronzer, use a matte one. 

Eyes: I filled in my brows to give more definition to my face. Then I primed my eyes and took a neutral, matte, skin tone shade all over my lid. I used MAC Brulee. Then I took a deeper matte brown shade (MAC Espresso) and applied that to the outer portion of the crease and eye and blended super well. This gave definition, but it isn't super apparent that you're wearing makeup. I smudged a little black gel liner in the outer 1/3 of my eye and applied 1 thin coat of mascara for separation and definition, but not crazy length or volume. 

Lips: I'm just wearing a clear lip balm, but if you wanted a little color, I would go for a tinted lip balm in a more neutral color. 

I hope that this tutorial was useful for all of you, and let me know in the comments whether you're jumping on the no makeup, makeup trend or if you like the dramatic makeup!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Old Navy Clothing Haul

Hey everyone!
This past weekend, Old Navy was having a 30% off EVERYTHING sale so, of course, I had to go and stock up on some necessities. I love old navy for tanks and jeans, so that's what I got! 

The first top that I bought is a tank top from their Active by Old Navy line. I am probably not going to use this for exercising, but I thought that it would be cute to wear by itself. It is a gray and black "burnout" top, so it is a little sheer in some places, but I don't think I'm going to have to wear something underneath it. Also, it is a little more cropped in the front, which is super flattering and it has a twist on the back where the two straps meet. 
Originally: $14.94
What I payed: $10.49

This next top is a green racer back tank top. It is lime green and has three white buttons down the middle on the front. It is also a little bit more cropped in the front than the back and fits loosely. I really like this top because its very casual, but still fun. It can also be dressed up and down a little bit!
Originally: $12.94
What I payed: $9.06

This top is exactly like the last one, except it's purple! This shade is more wearable and still looks great on everyone! Also, they had white and orange in case you were wondering!
Originally: $12.94
What I payed: $9.06

This is a pair of super light wash jeans. Seriously, they're like baby blue! It's the Rockstar style and is "super skinny". I think this is so cute and what makes it even better is that I got it on clearance!
Originally: $34.50
On Clearance: $17.49
What I payed: $12.24

So that is what I bought from old navy! If you got anything from the 30% off sale, tell me what you got in the comments below!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Secrets to Buying Clothes

Hey everyone!
This post is going to consist of a few secrets that I have learned over the years to find clothes that fit well and are super flattering. 

1) When buying bras, make sure that it fits well on the second latch. Usually there are 3 different latches across the band, I know that I usually go for one that fits well on the first latch, but it's better to buy one that fits well on the second latch because it gives you room to grow or shrink a little. 
2) Also, remember that with bras, when you go up a cup size you go down a band size and vice versa. So a 32B is the same as a 34 A. 

1) Keep in mind what your going to have to wear underneath it. If it's a tight top and see through, go up a size so you can wear a cami underneath it!
2) Buy out of season. Summer is the best time to buy sweaters on clearance at stores like Forever 21 and Hollister. Also, Winter is the best time to buy swimwear. It might not make sense to buy out of season clothes, but you can save some money!

1) Buy jeans that are tighter rather than looser. If you can't find a pair that fits, go for the tighter (but still sort of well fitting) pair because jeans stretch and if you go for the looser pair, it'll stretch too much. 
2) Shop online. Some stores like abercrombie and hollister don't carry all of the short, regular, and long jeans in store, so if you know you're size, you can shop online and get a really well fitting pair of jeans. 

I hope you enjoyed my secrets to buying clothes! I can also do ones on accessories and makeup if you want it, so let me know in the comments. Also, leave your secrets to buying clothes in the comments!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blake Lively Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!
I was watching a few old episodes of Gossip Girl (I love that show!) and I was really inspired to do a Blake Lively inspired makeup look. It looks totally different on me than her (different hair colors, skin colors...) but the makeup itself is pretty similar. 

Do your typical foundation and concealer. I used a satin finished bronzer and did a little bit of contouring around the cheekbones, jaw line, and hairline. I also took a golden highlighter and applied that to the cheekbones and browbone. I also filled in my brows!

Prime your eyes. Take a golden champagne shimmery eyeshadow all over the lid. Pack it on a lot so you get that color and shimmer. Take a medium taupe shimmery shade and apply that to the outer portion of the crease and outer third of the eye lid. Take a fluffy blending brush with some more of the gold shade and use that to blend across the lid and up around the crease until you eliminate harsh lines. I took a black pencil liner and a black shadow on a eyeliner brush and smudged it out so the eyeliner is dramatic. I took some of the taupe eyeshadow and used that under my eyes. I finished with 2 coats of a black mascara. 

Lips: I used a little bit of a medium peach shade on my lips and finished with a light, nude, gloss. 

That was my Blake Lively makeup tutorial! Leave your thoughts on it in the comments below and if you have another celeb you'd like a tutorial on, leave it below!

Color Club Wanderlust Collection: Review Roundup!

Hey everyone!
I have individually reviewed all 4 shades of the color club wanderlust collection so I wanted to do a post roundup so you can have the links to all the reviews in one place!

Reign in Spain
a cream formula bright neon coral shade! 

Mod in Manhattan
a cream formula light cream/nude shade

London Calling
a brightened almost neon mint green shade. It also has a cream formula!

Pardon my French
a medium purple/lilac shade with a hint of pink in it and a cream finish. 

If you'd like to buy all 4 shades, you can on for $8! I'll link the site here, so you don't have to search on the web for it! Also, if you have any of these shades, let me know your thoughts on it in either the comments of this post or the comments of the individual reviews!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I've been nominated for a Liebster award!

Hey everyone!
I was just nominated for a liebster award by Karina from Beauty Over Boys. Her blog is amazing and if you'd like to check it out, I'll link it here for you!

On Karina's blog post about this, I learned about the 5 rules. They are:
1) Link the Blogger who nominated you
2) Answer 10 questions given by the blogger who nominated you
3) Choose 10 bloggers to be nominated
4) Make 10 questions for your nominees to answer
5) Let the nominees know you've nominated them!

Here's Karina's 10 questions for me!
1) when did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging at the start of this year (January or February?). I started blogging because I love the beauty gurus on youtube and I thought that I could contribute to the beauty world through a blog!
2) if you could choose only one brand of makeup to use, which would it be?
Probably MAC. I don't think that there formulations are the best, but they have a great color selection with they're lip and eye products so I would have lots of options!
3) sneakers or heels?
I wear flip flops daily (because I live in Hawaii), but if I like wearing heels more than sneakers overall!
4) what is your favorite color?
Yellow! I like really bright yellows like lemon yellow or banana yellow, but definitely not mustard or deep yellow shades. 
5) favorite nail polish color?
I don't have any specific shade name for you, but medium purples are my favorite! I think they're super flattering and go well any time of the year!
6) what is your favorite blog?
I love Temptalia! Her blog is amazing and I love how she can review high end products and drugstore products. 
7) what type of music do you listen to?
Mostly mainstream music! I like a lot of hip hop and pop music. My favorite band would probably be 30 seconds to mars!
8) would you rather have long hair or short hair for the rest of your life?
Long hair because I think its more versatile because you can wear it down and up and you can also heat style it easier than short hair. 
9) what is your favorite food?
I love spicy ahi bowls! They are pretty much spicy ahi (the stuff on top of sushi) over hot rice with seaweed or other things on top of it. 
10) when you do your makeup, do you focus on eyes or lips?
I focus on eyes on most days because I feel that you can be very dramatic with liner and lashes and deep shades, but it can still look great for everyday.

I don't know who I'm nominating yet, but I'll do a separate blog post on who I nominate and what their 10 questions will be! If you're an up and coming beauty blogger, leave your blog in a comment below and I may nominate you! 

Color Club Pardon My French and Mod in Manhattan Review

Hey everyone!
I recently got the color club wanderlust nail polish set and I thought that I'd review some of the colors. This set contains 4 minis for $8 and I'm reviewing Pardon my French and Mod in Manhattan for you today!

Pardon my French
is a mid tone lilac shade. Unlike the other colors in this collection, it isn't light or a neon. I really like this shade and although it is similar to a lot of purples, I don't know any exact dupes. The formula of this was the best of any shade in this collection and it applied evenly with no streaking. It also is on the thinner side, which is great compared to the thick and gloopy formula of the other shades! Overall I give this shade an A+!

Mod in Manhattan
is a light cream shade. It is going to be a hit or miss depending on your skintone. Luckily for me, it looks alright, but I wouldn't buy this set based solely on this shade if you're unsure it'll look good on you. The formula was horrendous! It was so thick that it left "strings" when you pulled it out from the bottle. It was hard to get it to apply evenly, and even with thick coats, it was still pooling at the edges and bubbling and it never looked as good as I wanted it to, which is terrible because a shade like this isn't very forgiving in the first place. 

Overall, if you like pardon my french, buy this set because it is amazing! But if you're buying it for Mod in Manhattan alone, save your money because this takes too much work for it to end up streaky and messy looking! If you have this set, leave your thoughts in the comments!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Color Club Reign in Spain review

Hi guys!
So I recently got the color club wanderlust collection, which includes 4 minis. I am going to review reign in spain today, but I already reviewed london calling, so if you'd like to read that, click here

Reign in Spain is a bright neon coral shade. It is a cream finish and is quite glossy by itself (without a top coat). I don't know of any dupes off the top of my head, but this is a pretty common color, so I'm sure you'll be able to find one if you want. The formula is quite thick. It isn't as bad as some other creams can be, but it is on the thicker side. It is fully opaque in two coats, but I used three because with 2 coats it was still a tad streaky. If you're going to use this shade, I suggest going with one thin coat and one or two thick coats for minimal streaking. 

Overall, this color is average. If you like this color and none of the others in the set, try look for a better formula, but if you like the set as a whole, I would suggest buying it as this is an okay nail polish. If you have this set, leave your thoughts on this polish in the comments!

My Lifestyle Blog Has Changed!

Hi everyone!
The other month, I changed the name of this beauty blog and I have finally gotten around to changing the URL of my lifestyle blog! It used to be called, but that was hard to remember and crazy long! But starting today, you can find my life blog at
I hope you check out this blog if you'd like to because it has some great recipes, television, movie reviews, and cheerleading posts!

Forest Fairy: a Green and Brown Forest Themed Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone!
I was playing around with some colors today and I wanted to incorporate some green to match the lime green shorts that I was wearing. I only had one olive green shade from the wet n wild "comfort zone" palette and I decided to use that as my color on my eyes. So I really love this makeup and I hope you do too!

Face: I did a little bit of light contouring with a bronzer from the body shop. You can use any type of bronzer you'd like. I skipped on the blush, but if you're going to use one, use a shade of tan or brown. I also didn't use a highlighter, but feel free to use one if you'd like! I also filled in my brows with a mac 263 brush and a matte brown shadow. I think that filling in your brows is super important because it helps the eyes to stand out more!

Eyes: I primed my eye lids. Then I took the green shadow with a flat shader brush and patted it all over my lid. I then took a medium brown shimmery shade and my mac 217 brush and applied that to the crease. Then I took a cranberry shade and a fluffy brush and blended out the crease shade with that. I also took that shade a little bit above the crease. You could totally stop at this point if you'd like, but I took a sparkly dark brown shade and applied that to the outer "v" area of the eye. I didn't use a highlight shade, but if you do, go for a more yellow based one and don't go too sparkly. Take a black liquid liner and do a thin line right on the upper lashline and then take the green liquid liner and layer that over the liquid liner. I used jordana semi permanent liner in "endless black" and "timeless green". Use any type of mascara you'd like, but I used clinique high impact mascara in case you were wondering. 

Lips: I did a nudeish lip with maybelline baby lips in "peach kiss", but you can do any nude lip that you'd like. I would steer clear from any "color" because it can look too dramatic and a little theatrical. 

So I hope you liked this "forest" themed makeup tutorial! If you decide to try it out, let me know in the comments below and don't forget to follow this blog! 
See you in my next post!
-your forest fairy (aka sisi)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Everyday Summer Makeup

Hey guys!
 I wanted to do a blog post on my every day makeup routine in the summer because I love seeing other makeup gurus do their videos on this and I thought it would be fun to do. I don't wear makeup everyday, but when I want to wear makeup, this is what I've been wearing most days.

Face: I only used a little bit of coralista on my cheeks (it's a medium coral shade with a hint of gold sheen). I try to minimize the concealer and foundation I wear during the summer. 

Eyes: I primed using my maybelline color tattoo in "barely branded" and then I used the wet n wild trio in "sweet as candy" on my eyes. I used the light pink shade all over my lid, the taupe in the outer crease and outer lid and the light shimmery cream shade as a browbone highlight as well as on the inner eye. I did a thin line of black liquid liner and waterproof mascara. 

Lips: I wanted to go simple, so I used my maybelline baby lips in "cherry me" as a little color. It is the perfect color because it looks like your lips were stained by a popsicle!

So I hope you liked this post and if you've done a blog post or a video of your everyday summer makeup, leave it as a link in the comments! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Color Club London Calling Nail Polish Review

after the first coat
Hey everyone!
I got this nail polish shade in my birchbox last month and since I am reviewing almost everything else that I got in that birchbox, I thought that I'd do a review on this too. 

after the third coat
London Calling is a bright and vibrant mint green. I don't really know how to describe it because it is not neon, but it is not as subdued and light as a usual mint green. It also looks different in the types of light you're in. When it's in direct light it tends to look a lot lighter than if you're in the shade. This is a very unique color and I don't know of any dupes off of the top of my head. Usually, I like color club formulas because I can get full opaque and even coverage in 2 coats, but this one seemed a little off. I did the first coat, which was unbelievably streaky and patchy. Usually the second coat evens it out, which it did, but it was still a little too streaky for my liking so I had to add a thick third coat to get the evenness that I like. This formula was nice as it wasn't too runny and sheer or too thick and hard to work with. 

Overall, I think that this color is worth buying if you like this shade and are willing to take extra care when applying it so as not to streak. Also, on, this shade is in a set with 3 other minis (4 total) for only $8. I ordered this set so I'll be doing reviews on the other 3 colors shortly. If you got this shade, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Never Pay for Perfume

Hey guys!
Ever feel like perfume is overpriced? Well, I am going to tell you how you can smell great while never paying for perfume. Some people throw away the sample perfumes that you often get when buying makeup or in subscription boxes, but I'm going to tell you don't do that! 

I don't have any full sized perfumes because I always get my three free samples when ordering beauty products online and I always get perfumes when I can. This lets me build up my sample perfume collection and get a large collections of perfumes for free! I have 20 of these sample perfumes in the box that I keep them in and I love that I can switch my perfumes depending on my mood and I can always find something that will suit me when I'm feeling sweet, spicy, mysterious... 

I know that it may seem like a no brainer to keep your sample perfumes, but it really isn't for most people and I just wanted to inspire you to build up your perfume collection for free!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil Controlling Mask Review

Hey everyone!

I have a skincare review for you today! It's on the Neutrogena Deep Clean Oil Controlling Mask. I have been using this mask for years now and I wanted to share my thoughts on it with you! 

It comes in a tube that is pretty big. I do masks once or twice a week and this one will last me many months. The picture is of my own tube and its pretty dirty and old  well loved. This is a white clay mask and it is going to dry on your skin and help remove impurities. I apply a small amount to my fingers and spread a thin layer over my entire face. I let it sit for 5 minutes or at least until the clay dries and the mask turns white. It tingles on your skin when you apply it, which I love because it makes me feel like its really getting into my pores and cleaning it out. I can't really speak about the oil controlling aspect because I don't have oily skin to start with, but I do think that it helps to remove the oil and impurities on my skin. I would totally recommend trying this out at least once because it is my go to mask and I think that it'll be great for anyone and everyone. If you've tried this mask, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

Click to buy 

Monday, July 15, 2013

MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick Review

Hey everyone!
I've had vegas volt lipstick for a few months (it was my "you survived the school year" present to myself) and I've worn it enough where I think I can do a good review on it! 

This is a permanent lipstick and is an amplified finish. It has the typical MAC lipstick packaging and the vanilla scent that all MAC lipsticks have. The shade is a medium coral that has strong red undertones (as opposed to orange or pink). It does not contain any shimmer or frost. It gives near opaque coverage when applied and applies smoothly and evenly. This shade does show unevenness so I would recommend applying a balm and exfoliating your lips before using this shade. It has good staying power and lasts a good 5-6 hours with light staining afterwards. I can't think of any dupes for this shade off of my head because it is a more unique shade for a coral being that it is a medium, red based coral. 

Overall, I think that if you have deeper skin or are a little more tan, this would look stunning on you, but if you're fair, you may look better with a pink based coral or if you sheer out this lipstick so its more of a "wash of color" than fully opaque. I did a tutorial on how to sheer out lipsticks, which I'll link here.  I would recommend this lipstick and I give it 2 thumbs up! If you have this lipstick, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

Click to purchase

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Share the Love Saturdays

Hey everyone!

This is the first every share the love saturdays! If you'd like to get your blog featured on next weeks post, make sure to read this post for all the rules! 

Karina from Beauty over Boys

Hi, this is Karina from Beauty Over Boys :) On my blog, I review drugstore makeup products, and I'm hoping to review high end products whenever I can afford it. I am planning on writing tutorials in the future. Please join me in the trials and tribulations of being a makeup junkie on a budget!

Click here to check out her blog!

I hope you enjoyed this first Share The love Saturdays post! Please submit your info if you'd like to be in next weeks post!

Cargo Route 66 Lipgloss Review

Hey everyone!
I have yet another lip product review for you today! I know its been a little overkill these past few weeks, but I've just been going through my lip collection and reviewing everything that I haven't already. 

So let's start with the packaging. It's typical plastic packaging, but you are not getting that much product. There is only 0.15 ounces compared to a MAC lipglass that has 0.17 ounces. The applicator is a doe foot, but instead of the typical one, it's elongated and angled. It allows you to easily apply the gloss to your lower lip, but it is a little difficult to get good precision on your upper lip. It also has a sweet scent. I can't really place it, but I would describe it as vanillaish, but not as strong as MAC's scent. 

 Route 66 is a strawberry pink shade with very fine shimmer (almost unnoticeable unless in direct light). It is a very pretty shade, but it is also very sheer. It allows a lot of the natural skin or lip color to show through and isn't going to go on opaque, like a lot of other glosses can. I don't think this is a "stand alone" gloss that will give you decent color without a lipstick underneath it. It is good, if you like sheer to medium coverage. It also has pretty good staying power, but it has a sticky almost tacky texture as well. 

Overall, I think you could get something similar at a drugstore for a lower price, or you can get a better lipgloss from MAC, for around the same price. I will continue to use mine, but I will not be repurchasing because I'd rather get something more opaque than this. If you have this lipgloss or another one from Cargo, leave your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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Friday, July 12, 2013

How to: keep eyeliner and mascara from smearing

Hey everyone!
During the summer, sometimes I don't like to wear a lot of eyeshadows, but I want to wear mascara and some eyeliner just for some definition. I know that sometimes without shadow, the mascara and eyeliner can transfer to the eyelid and it can look a little crazy! So I decided to share my secrets for minimizing the transfer. 

You'll need a pressed powder. I'm using a color correcting one from Physicians Formula, but you can use a powder foundation, loose powder, translucent powder, or anything you have on hand. I also have a fluffy dome brush to apply the shadow, but you can use your finger, a sponge tip applicator, or another brush. The powder helps because it's going to absorb any sweat or oil. The oil on your eyelids is what breaks down the mascara (and liner) and is what transfers it, so by minimizing the oil, you'll prevent your mascara from transferring. 

First: take your brush, applicator, or finger and get a decent amount of powder on it. Apply it all over the eyelid all the way up to the crease and browbone. You want to cover the entire area with a light coating of powder. 

 Second: Take your eyeliner and apply it to the upper lashline and lower lashline. I'm using a pencil eyeliner, but gels and liquids will work just as well. I'm using Urban Decay 24/7 liner in "Ransom". 

Third: Apply your mascara. Be careful not to get any on your lid! I'm using Covergirl Lashblast Volume incase you're wondering. 

Lastly: If you're really worried about smudges, you can do another light coating of powder to set your eyeliner. But if you aren't going to sweat much, or if you're not too oily on the eyelids, you may not need this step. 

So that's how I keep eyeliner and mascara from smearing throughout the day! I hope this was useful for you and if you have any other tips on how to prevent smudges, let me know what they are in the comments below!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maybelline Made it Mauve Color Whisper Review

Hey everyone!
I have heard a lot about the color whispers and I know that a lot of beauty gurus have reviewed the lighter shades like coral ambition and lust for blush. I decided to go with a darker color, but a wearable color and I bought Made it Mauve. Its a deep rose color with a hint of brown and it translates to a "your lips but better" shade when worn.

The packaging is plastic and is the color of the lip product. Be aware that this is not sealed in the store so check yours to make sure its unused before purchasing it! Also, there is no clear panel on the top, so you can't tell the exact color of the lipstick unless you open it. 

The lipstick on me
The lipstick has a slight fruity scent. It smells a bit like fruity pebbles (the cereal) to me, but I could just be making that up. It isn't overwhelming or overpowering and when you apply it to your lips, the smell is unnoticeable. Also, this lipstick has no taste. 

When applied, it feels really slick. It's almost too slippery and it feels a little bit like oil applied to the lips. I am not a big fan of the texture, although it is moisturizing. The weartime with this is not very good. Unlike some other lipsticks that can wear for 4 hours with minimal fading, this lipstick fades after 2 hours on me. If you're eating, drinking, or talking a lot, expect to apply this more frequently. 

The pigmentation on this is great. It is the same as the pigmentation of the revlon lip butters (the deeper shades at least) although I prefer the feel of the revlon lip butters to this. 

Overall, I think that this is a decent lip product if you want hydration and don't mind a slick feeling lip. If you get this lipstick or another color whisper, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments below! 

Link to purchase

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jewelmint Safari Watch Necklace Review

Hey everyone!
Its kind of weird doing this post because who in the world does reviews on jewelry? But I thought that I would do a review on this necklace because I had lots of questions about it before I bought it, and I didn't get the information I was looking for from any websites. So I thought it might be useful for some people to hear my thoughts on this necklace. 

First off, I just want to say that I'm really impressed with jewelmint. I didn't use my account for a while, so they gave me a $9.99 credit, and at the same time, there was a promo where you got your first piece for $9.99 so I got it for free! Also, the shipping was amazing because I put in the order and it came 3 days later. Usually, shipping to hawaii is super long and expensive, but this was fast and free! 

This is a long pendant necklace. The chain is 13 inches long and the pendant is 1 inch in diameter. Keep in mind, this is going to be a longer necklace and it hits me mid chest. The chain and pendant is all silver and the back of the pendant and a ring around the watch has a floral design on it. To open the watch, you press lightly on the knob and you can change the time by spinning it. The pendant comes with the watch "off", but to turn it "on" and to get it to start, push the spinning thing all the way in (more than necessary to open it). The only thing bad about this watch, is that I don't know if the battery can be replaced. There is nothing that looks like its able to be removed so I don't know if its possible for it to be taken apart so that another battery can be inserted. 

I think that this necklace is great for the girly girls or for the fashionable, trendy girl that wants to add a little bit of vintage and classic jewelry to their outfits. Overall, I would totally recommend this necklace because it looks well made and is absolutely stunning. If you want to get this necklace, I would reccomend looking for a coupon or a deal because you can get this for cheap (or free!). If you have this necklace, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!

Link to purchase

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Share the Love Saturdays: intro and rules

Hey everyone!
I got a comment from another beauty blogger (northernbeauty85) about a program that she's doing on her blog called sociable sundays, and I wanted to do something similar on my blog! If you'd love to check out Jenna (northernbeauty85), I'll link her blog here

Basically Share the Love Saturdays is going to consist of a post on other bloggers and youtubers that are up and coming and great. I don't know how popular this is going to be, but ideally this would be a weekly thing (if I even get emails). 

So, if you would like to be a part of Share the Love Saturdays shoot me an email or leave a comment in the contact form on the right hand bar with these things...

1) Your name and/or the name of your blog/youtube channel
example: Sisi from Modern Beauty Girl
2) A short paragraph on what your blog/youtube channel
example: On my blog, I review a mix of high end and drugstore makeup and skincare products. I also make tutorials for fast makeup looks along with some fashion and organization tips. I am on my journey through the world of beauty and fashion and I would love for you to join me on it!
3) A picture or youtube video
just so they get to see a little bit of what you do
4) A link to your blog/youtube channel

My email is and can you please put Share the Love Saturdays in the title just so I can see it a little better. I really hope you decide to enter this because I would love to look at some of your blogs and I know others will as well. 

Mini Fashion and Bath and Body Works haul

Hey everyone!
This video is really old, but I haven't had time to upload it until now. But this is a haul on a few fashion items and bath and body works things that I got on a couple shopping trips. 

I hope you enjoyed this haul! If you've filmed or done a blog post on a haul recently, leave a link to it in the comments below!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Neon Can be Wearable! Outfit of the Day

Hey everyone!
So I wore this outfit yesterday and I thought it would be a good idea to do an outfit of the day post because a lot of people are afraid of wearing neon yellow shorts (like mine) because it can look over the top if done incorrectly. So this is how I make neon shorts wearable!

So I am wearing a white cold shoulder top. Mine has a little bit of a loose weave, so I wore a white cami under it. I would wear a white top because it helps to tone down the shorts. My shorts are bright highlighter yellow and I bought them from old navy last year. I'm not quite sure if they have them, but you could probably fine something similar there. 

I accessorized with a pair of white wedges from payless. And to go along with the white "theme" I also wore a pair of bangles. One is a gold accented white leather bangle and the other two are just plain gold. These bangles are from Charolette Russe. 

I hope that you enjoyed this outfit of the day post! If you wear a lot of neon, let me know how you make it "wearable" and if you have any other tips that you'd like to share. 
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Benefit Sun Beam Review

Hi guys! 
I featured this product in a video a few weeks ago and I got a few questions about whether or not I would recommend it so I decided to do a blog post reviewing it for you. On another note, sorry about the bad pictures. There are weird shadows, but I hope that you still get the general idea. 

First, the packaging is in benefit's "stain" type packaging with a plastic bottle that looks like a nail polish bottle with a brush applicator. I only have the sample size of this, but the full size looks exactly the same, but bigger. You're supposed to use this by dotting a few dabs on your cheekbones and wherever else you'd like to highlight and blending it in with your fingers. I also apply a bit to my hand and use a brush to apply it as well, which works good too. It is a thicker consistency than the "tints" by benefit and it has the texture and consistency of a thin cream. It's easy to blend and it leaves a subtle sheen. 

The top swatch is one brush and the bottom swatch is
blended (how it would look on the face)
This product gives a golden sheen to the face. It does contain shimmer, which is nice because it's fine and doesn't make you look greasy or glittery. I think that this looks better on people with darker complexions that can't wear pearl toned shades as well and want a great highlight. It is also great when you do a bronzed face because it helps to bring out those deeper tones. 

Overall, I would recommend this product, but I would strongly suggest buying a kit that contains a small size because I have had my sample size for a few months and there is still a ton left. So I hope that this was useful!

Link to purchase
Sun Beam

Saturday, July 6, 2013

20% off Too Faced Cosmetics

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to let you all know that you can get 20% off all orders on when you use the code FB200 This code is good until 7/7, so act fast!

Jewelmint Haul!

Hey everyone!
I have a jewelmint haul for you today. I had an extra "credit", which I used on their summer 3 piece mystery box and I also had a complimentary $9.99 credit, which I used with a code to get another piece for free! Reviews on all of these products are coming, so make sure to look out for that!

 Safari Watch Necklace
This is the first thing that I got (I used the $9.99 credit) and I loved it. Its a pendant on a long chain and its really dainty and girly. 

 I searched and searched the Jewelmint website looking for the name of this cuff (it didn't say the name when I ordered the box) so if you know what the name of this is, leave it in a comment below. It's a gold cuff that has oval, circle, heart, and abstract cutouts. 

 Debutante Earrings
These earrings are so gorgeous! The stones are baby pink and super shimmery (not like you could tell that from the picture) and the metal is rose gold. It also has little rhinestones! It is a "fancier" and not an everyday earring, but it is super gorgeous!

I don't know the name of this necklace either. It is a really edgy and cool necklace that has lots of geometric shapes and an antique gold chain. I think this is going to be a statement necklace on an otherwise plain outfit!

So that's what I got from jewelmint! I hope that this was interesting to read and if you know the names of the jewelry that I have, let me know in the comments because it'll be so much easier to do a review if I know the actual name! If you got anything from jewelmint recently, leave it in a comment below and follow this blog if you like hauls!

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