Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Maybelline Vivid Rose vs. LAQA & CO Lambchop

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I did reviews of the maybelline vivid rose and the laqa and co lamobchop and I got a few questions about how they compare to each other and if they were possible dupes for one another. So I decided to do a blog post on it! If you want to see the original reviews for vivid rose click here and for lambchop click here. 

Top: LAQA & CO LambchopBottom: Maybelline Vivid Rose
Let's start with the obvious: the LAQA is in the form of a "jumbo lip pencil" while the Maybelline is a normal lipstick. Also, the Maybelline vivid rose has a vanilla scent and no taste while the LAQA lambchop has neither a scent nor taste. 

Color wise, the LAQA (the top swatch) is a blue based magenta shade while the Maybelline vivid rose is much warmer toned and is more of a deepened hot pink. I think that these shades are close and if you're not into wearing lots of bright pinks and if you're not a makeup junkie (like me) you won't need both of them. But there are differences that I think are large enough that if you're passionate about makeup, you need to notice. The Maybelline shade is more red based while the LAQA shade is more of a true pink. Also, the undertones differ as LAQA is blue based and Maybelline is yellow/warm based. They both perform well on the lips and if you were to choose between them, the only difference (besides the shade and packaging) would be the price. If you're not willing to part with 18 of you well earned dollars, you can pick up the maybelline one for a mere $7. Overall, I can't recommend one over the other because they are both great, but I hope that I gave enough information to make this decision easy for you. 

Links to purchase:
LAQA & CO Lambchop
Maybelline Vivid Rose

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    Maybelline Wild Rose is one of my favorite lip colors!

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