Saturday, June 29, 2013

EOS lip balm review

Hey everyone!
For the past few months, I've been using my EOS lip balms in a lot of my tutorials and videos, but I realized that I haven't done a review on it yet! So that's what I'm going to do in this post. 

Let's start with that packaging. It's adorable because it looks like an egg, with different colored outsides to match the "flavor" of it. (Green is honeydew honeysuckle, blue is mint, and pink is strawberry). Although the packaging is cute, it isn't practical. It is a little bit bulky so it doesn't fit into pockets comfortably and it also is really egg shaped so it can take up a bit of space in small clutches. 

The actual lip balm feels really nice on. It's solid and it goes on smoothly, but doesn't feel overly slick or slippery like some other lip balms can. It's not very heavy duty, but it wears a decent amount of time and is lightly hydrating. If you are looking for a more moisturizing lip balm, this may not be it. The different lip balms have scents that match the name and also have a slight flavor. The sweet mint lip balm (the blue one) has a tingling feeling when applied due to the menthol from the mint. Overall, I think this is a great lip balm for someone who needs a little bit of moisture and hydration. 

Some other things about these lip balms are the outside feels a little bit rubberized so in the picture, the blue and green look dirty because I kept them in a pencil case in my bag and the pencil lead marked them. Another thing is that they can melt because I kept my blue one in the car and the top facing portion got melted. These lip balms are not fully filled with actual lip balm because it's actually a semi-dome shape that extends a little bit under the lip of the bottom portion of the packaging. And lastly, it can get difficult to use once it gets flat across (like my green one) so I will find a way to depot it and do a tutorial on it soon. 

So I hope this review was useful for you guys and if you have a favorite lip balm, let me know what it is in the comments below! Also, follow this blog for reviews, tutorials, and everything else!

Links to purchase:
Strawberry Sorbet (pink)
Sweet Mint (blue)
Honeydew Honeysuckle (green)

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