Sunday, May 26, 2013

Makeup MAYhem day 26: Coloring your hair with JELLO?

Hey everyone!
So I wanted to do a post on some trial and error stuff that I did today regarding my hair, jello, and colors! So I wanted to tint my hair red because I thought that if I messed up, it wouldn't matter as much since school is over. So I was going to do the Kool-Aid method, but I couldn't because I didn't have any Kool-Aid so I tried to use Jello instead. I did 2 methods and I'm going to try a third tomorrow to see what I like best. So here it is. 
The first method was mixing the jello with water to dissolve it and then apply it to my hair and let it stick. This SUCKED because the jello hardened and the sugar got stuck in my hair and it did like nothing to it (also could be because I didn't leave it on for very long)
The second method was mixing the jello with conditioner to make a paste. I then ran that through my hair and covered it in a hairnet and let it sit for a few hours to penetrate. This actually worked and left my hair with a subtle red tint (looks more red in the sun) and lightened my hair noticeably.
The third method (that I'm going to do, but haven't yet) is to boil some water or get hot water and dissolve some jello in it and let my hair sit in the hot water until its cooled. I know that my friends do this with kool-aid and it works so I hope it works with jello too!
So that's what I was up to today! Let me know if you've naturally or diy colored your hair and what you've used in the comments! Also, don't forget to subscribe for new posts daily!

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