Saturday, May 25, 2013

Makeup MAYhem day 25: Birchbox Unboxing (may 2013)

Hi guys!
So I know that I didn't post yesterday, and I'm really sorry for that, but I had a dinner with my family and I didn't get home to 11 and I didn't have a chance to post because I was really tired and after I finished getting ready for bed, it was like 12ish so sorry! But anyways, today's post is a birchbox unboxing/what's in my birchbox! So I think I say this in the video, but I figure its worth mentioning again, but I filmed a unboxing, but the footage got weird so this is sort of a what's inside my birchbox video because everything is already opened and unwrapped and all that. So here it is :D

I hope you enjoyed this video and don't forget to come back to my blog tomorrow for day 26 of makeup mayhem! Also, thumbs up this video and subscribe to this blog for new posts daily throughout the month of may!
Love you guys!

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