Saturday, May 11, 2013

Makeup MAYhem day 11: The Difference Between Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Beauty

Hey guys!
So I thought that it would be fun to let you know how I change my makeup from fall and winter to spring and summer. So here it is! 
Foundation --> Tinted Moisturizer (or nothing)
I don't like wearing heavy foundations during the spring and summer because it gets hot and it breaks down easily sometimes. I swap it for a lighter BB cream or tinted moisturizer instead. 
Rosy blushes --> Peach blushes
I like to wear peachy toned blushes during the spring and summer because it goes with any type of color and gives me a nice flush that looks really natural rather than a rosy flush that looks better when it's cooler out. 
Smokier eyes --> Brightened eyes
I like to do a smokier, heavier eye in the winter like a bronze or deep brown smokey eye, but in the spring and summer I like to do a lighter, brighter eye (which I have a tutorial on coming in the next few days)
Gel/Liquid liner --> Pencil liner
I use pencil liners during the spring and summer because I find that it looks more natural and stays longer than most gels and liquids, which can smudge and flake and transfer. Also, if a pencil does fade or smudge, it looks more natural than if a gel or liquid does.
Reds and Berries --> Pinks and Corals
I wear corals and pinks during the summer because they are more summery shades and work better when I have a tan than reds and berry shades. 
So those were my makeup changes from winter/fall to summer/spring! I'd love to hear what yours are so leave it in a comment and don't forget to subscribe for new posts every day in may!

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