Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hi guys!
I tried using a depilatory cream today instead of using my usual, handy razor. I followed all of the directions and left it on for the right amount of time and I thought that I had done everything right, but it just ended up weird! I used it on my wrist as a spot test and everything ended up fine so I thought I could use it all over my legs and underarms. I applied it onto my legs and I waited for the 10 minutes and used a washcloth to get it off, but I was still left with those straggly hairs on my legs. It's weird because some of it got off and some of it stayed on. Also on my underarms it ended up burning me! I only left it on for 5 minutes because thats when the hair started coming off, but then it started burning and it is all red and painful now! I don't know if this was just me using it wrong, but I think that I'm going to stick to waxing or a razor on my underarms and give the nair another try on my legs only. 
Let me know if veet is better than nair because I've heard that, but I only have experience with the nair with aloe and something else. Also let me know how you deal with these types of chemical burns in the comments because this has never happened to me before! Also subscribe for new videos every other day and new posts daily!

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