Monday, April 1, 2013

New Beauty Gurus to Check out

Hey everyone!
So I know there are millions (or at least hundreds) of beauty gurus out in cyberspace, but I wanted to do a quick blog post on some lesser known ones or popular ones that have started their channels recently. So here we go!

Chrissy Costanza:
She is a very popular singer and a member of the band Against The Current. Most people know her for her music and covers, but she recently started her own channel solely dedicated to beauty and fashion! She has a great personality and she is super cute and funny! I'll link her channel here.  

Sarah (TheBeautyBenefit01):
She started youtube a few weeks to a month ago and was the first girl to subscribe to my youtube channel (love ya!) Her videos are super great and I really love her style and her fashion videos are the bomb! I would check her out if you want great fashion ideas! I'll link her channel here

Ashleigh (Crayonstocouture)
She doesn't post videos super often, but when she does they are very great quality (she has an amazing camera!) and informative. She has lots of outfit of the week videos and outfit videos and those are my favorite types of videos from her! Her channel is here

Remington Nelson:
Possibly the most popular out of all the gurus I posted, but that is probably due to her friendship with Blair (Juicystar07). Her videos range from question and answer to hauls and reviews. She does not post any makeup tutorials, so if you want those, this is not the channel for you, but I love her personality and she is always super bubbly and happy! Her channel is here

Last but not least, I will shamelessly promote myself! I have a youtube channel, which I'd love for you to check out! I post all sorts of videos, but the main ones I've been posting are makeup tutorials, collection videos, hauls, and favorites! I'll link my channel here
So these are my new favorite beauty gurus! Subscribe to my youtube channel or my blog for new videos every other day or new blog posts daily! I'd love to hear about new beauty gurus your loving so leave them in a comment below and I'll be sure to check them out!

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