Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I'm breaking out :(

Hey guys!
So by the title of this blog post, you can probably tell that my skin is going through a rough time and is breaking out. I just want to give you some background on my skin to start with because that's going to help you get where I'm coming from. I usually have really combo skin where my cheeks can get really dry, but my forehead and nose get pretty oily. I also tend to breakout on my forehead and cheeks, but sometimes (very rarely) I'll breakout on my nose or chin. 
Also, the only time that I really breakout (usually) is around that time of the month lol. So let's get into it. So its been getting warmer as we get farther into spring, and I think that my skin has been getting oilier. I haven't changed my moisturizer or cleanser and I still use my clarasonic so I am really confused to why I am breaking out more than usual. Also, these breakouts are ginormous and I feel bad covering them in foundation or concealer because I think that'll make it worse! So what I've been thinking is that maybe I need to switch up my cleanser or lay off the clarasonic because that may be stripping my skin of the oils (the good natural kind).
If you've been breaking out or have some recommendations for me, then please leave it in a comment! Also, subscribe to this blog for new content daily. And I can do a skincare routine or another post on what I end up doing for my acne if you want, so just let me know!

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