Thursday, April 25, 2013

Favorite Colors that POP!

Hey guys!
This is going to be a quick post on the top 5 colors that I love using for a pop of color either on my eyes or my lips. I'll also write down how I like to use it, but if you would like a more in depth coverage of this topic, I can do a video on this too!

1) Cobalt/Royal Blue
I love this color because it is just so universal! Some shades look a little better on more tan complexions or on fair skinned girls, but I think that this shade looks amazing on anyone and everyone! I like to use this on my eyes either as a winged liner on a neutral brown eye or as a pop of royal blue mascara!

2) Coral
How fitting that the color of summer is usually coral and its also on my list! I love using a coral as a bright lipstick because it makes you look tan with the orange tones in it, but it also makes it wearable with the pink and also looks super feminine. Another plus about this shade is that you can make it as intense as you'd like!

3) Purple
This is probably the most wearable color that I know of! You can really get a great pop of color by using this like the blue and using a purple tinged mascara or a purple liner on the bottom lashline!

4) Red
This is the quintessential lipstick color and it still makes a big statement! I have a review of a great red lip product coming in the upcoming days so keep an eye out for that, but this is a shade that makes you look really sexy and sophisticated when done right

5) Gold
This may be one of the most underrated colors on this list, but if you do a gold glitter eyeliner on the upper lashline, it makes a POP! It also is able to look great with neutral looks as well as any other color!

Those are my 5 favorite colors that make a POP! Let me know what yours are in the comments and subscribe for new posts daily!

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