Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Do you have a makeup style?

Hey guys!
This is just going to be a post about makeup styles and what I consider my styles to be. This is just a "sisi thinks" type post so if you want to read something more substantial like a tutorial or review then just click away, but here we go. 
I would categorize my makeup style into casual, fast, easy, neutral (for the most part), and defining. I say fast easy and casual because thats what I normally do on a day to day basis because I like to do it in 10 minutes or less, but still look put together and ready for the day. I also like neutral and defining because I think that some of the prettiest shades on my dark brown/black eyes are coppers and bronzes and other warm neutrals and also defining because there is nothing in the world prettier than a nice defined eye (with some outer v work and liner). 
So that was my makeup style! I think its probably really boring and very common, but its also wearable and makes it very appealing to all of y'all reading my blog/watching my videos! I have to say, though, that I wish I had the face/bone structure to pull of dramatic eyes like xsparkage! So leave your makeup styles in the comments and subscribe for new content daily!

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