Thursday, March 14, 2013

Poll results: favorite youtube makeup gurus

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to do a quick post recapping the latest poll on my blog! So who's your favorite youtube makeup gurus? Keep reading to find out!

0% of you think of Bethany (macbarbie07), Ingrid (missglamorazzi), Allison (amarixe), Fleur (fleurdeforce), or Michelle (michellephan) as your favorite makeup gurus on youtube

16% of you like Nikki (nikkiphillippi)

16% of you like Blair (juicystar07)

16% of you like Wayne (gossmakeupartist/gossmakeupchat) This is probably my favorite makeup guru on youtube!

32% of you like Elle (allthatglitters21)

and 16% of you like someone other than those I mentioned above.

Remember that there are always polls on the side bar of my blog so fill them out! Also, let me know in the comments who's your favorite makeup guru on youtube!

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