Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lip shades for your skin tone

Hey guys! 
So this is just going to be a blog post on the best lip shade for your skin tone. This will be part of my series on skin tones and makeup (I'll also do eyes and possibly cheeks), but I think that lip shades are less talked about compared to eye shadow so I decided to start with this. So let's get started.

Fair: I think that fair skin has it the easiest because most bold colors can look great against this skin tone because it is easy to contrast with. I think that lighter bold colors are better like a hot pink or a peachy coral color. I also think that fair skin tones look better with lighter shades like pink, coral, bright red as opposed to burgundy and maroons because those shades can look too harsh against the skin tone.
Try: Wet n wild lipstick in "pink nouveau" or Maybelline lipstick in "shocking coral"

Medium: This skin tone can also wear a lot of different shades, but I would suggest going with something red or orange based and warm toned (yellow undertones) as opposed to something with cool undertones (blue based). I think that corals look great on this skin tone as well, but instead of going for really pinky corals (like shocking coral) going with a orange toned coral looks better. I also think that fiery red-orange colors look great with this as well.
Try: MAC lipstick in "lady danger" and Maybelline lipstick in "electric orange"

Dark: This skin tone is the hardest to find great bright and bold colors for, but that's okay! I think that oranges look gorgeous on this type of skin tone because they make you look tan and gorgeous! I also really like nice darker red lips because those look really sophisticated and can make you look like a celebrity! I think the only colors that you should avoid are ones that are too light for your skin tone like any pastels or really pale nudes.
Try: Maybelline lipstick in "vibrant mandarin" and MAC lipstick in "Russian Red" 

I hope this post was helpful and remember that just because a color isn't listed under your skin tone doesn't mean that you can't wear it! Also know that this is just my personal opinion and if you disagree that's fine! So I hope that you enjoyed this post and subscribe to my blog for new posts daily!

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