Monday, March 18, 2013

I ♥ spring tag

Hi guys!
So today I am doing the I Spring tag! It's 12 questions and is a ton of fun so I thought that it would be a great video to do for you! I would love to see what your answers are to these questions so leave them in a video response to this video or in the comments (the questions will be at the end of the post). 

So I hope that you enjoyed this video and if you have any tags that you'd like me to do, leave them in a comment! Also, thumbs up this video if you love spring and subscribe to my blog!

The Questions!
1. Favorite spring nail polish?
2. What is your must-have lip color this spring?
3. Show us your favorite spring dress!
4. What's your favorite flower?
5. Favorite spring scarf/accessory?
6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!)
7. Favorite spring candle?
8. Favorite body spray/perfume for spring?
9. What is spring like where you live?
10. What's your favorite thing about spring?
11. Are you a spring cleaner?
12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?

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