Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easy smokey eye makeup (less than 1 minute!)

Hey everyone!
So this is a super easy eye look that I did today. The backstory is that I have been sick the past week or so and I wanted to do an eye makeup look that is pretty, but still easy to do and quick. So this is what I did! 

1) So this step is optional, but I highly recommend it if you're going to wear this look all day! Prime your eyelids. Focus mostly near the lashline because that's the only place you put the shadow, but you can put it all over the lid if you like

2) Take a medium dark charcoal color (mine is the crease shade from the wet n wild comfort zone palette) and take this on an angled brush or a stiff brush and apply it at the lashline. Try to build this up until it's pretty dark and also until the line is pretty thick. This is supposed to be a little bit dramatic!

3) Another optional step, but I think that it's a great step to do. Fill in your brows! Just run a little bit of brow powder through them and groom them a little!

4) Mascara! I applied 1 coat of covergirl lashblast because mine is waterproof and when my eyes water (because I'm sick) I don't want the mascara to move. You can use whatever type of mascara you like!

Thats it! That's my easy smokey eye makeup look! Let me know what you think of it in the comments!

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