Sunday, February 17, 2013

What's in my weekend getaway bag

Hey everyone!
So this weekend I'm going to a hotel to celebrate my sisters birthday & I thought it would be fun to show you what's in my bag!

I am packing 2 sets of swimsuits. One is a bandeau with a bright bottom from old navy / Victoria's Secret and the other is a triangle top from somewhere that I don't know and the bottoms are from San Lorenzo. I am packing a pair of pajamas. A cami and a pair of pajama bottoms. I am packing 2 bras and 3 under wears. Sorry if that was a tmi. I have a gray crop tank from forever 21 and a neon green shorts from old navy. The next outfit has a neon green tank from urban outfitters and a pair of basic denim shorts from old navy. The last is a dress from banana republic and I am bringing a stretchy belt to wear with it.
I'm also bringing reading materials and other things for the beach, but I'll put that in a what's in my beach bag post and I am also packing some makeup and toiletries and I'll do a post on that if you want me to!
So let me know what you would add to my bag in the comments!

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