Saturday, February 2, 2013

whats in my bag: fun fair edition

Hey guys!
Today I am doing a what's in my bag fun fair edition. This bag is the one that I used yesterday and I will use today when I go to school for the fair. I didn't clean up this bag before I did this post, although I am a minimalist and I try not to keep too much in my bag in the first place. So here it is.
What is in my bag?
Sunglasses (I don't know what type mine is because I bought it from Rosses for like $8)
Wallet (it' a lesportsac one from 3-4 years ago)
Phone (I know my phone is a dinosaur! I haven't gotten a new one yet)
Baby lips in cherry me
EOS lip balm in sweet mint
Camera (pink nikon coolpix S3100)
BABW hand sanitizer in pink sugarplum
Scrip for the fair today!
Mini pure seduction body spray
So that is what's in my bag for today! Let me know what else you would add to my bag for a day at a fun fair in the comments below. Also, please subscribe if you like my blog and follow me on twitter @livemakeup14 if you want to!

Products mentioned
Baby lips
EOS lip balm
Hand sanitizer
Body spray

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