Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What's in and what's out: from my dad's perspective

Hey everyone!
So yesterday I posted a mom's beauty and skincare favorites because it was her birthday yesterday so I'll link that here if you didn't see it! So today I wanted to do something for my dad's birthday and I thought that we would do a what's in and out post! So let's get into it...

What's in:
1) dewy, glowy, skin
"I hate it when people wear too much powder or they do weird stuff with their foundation and it looks cakey." To get this look, consider going powder free or if that's not possible for you oily skinned girls out there, use a highlighter on your cheekbones to bright light back to the face. 
2) color!
"Black and white is 'classic' or whatever, but I think that your mom looks better wearing bright outfits." In this picture, I am wearing a bright dress, but I played it safe with a neutral belt and although you can't see it I am wearing nude wedges. Color is especially in during the upcoming spring and summer!
3) facebook!
"I recently went back on facebook and remembered why I love it." Facebook is so in! All of my friends have it and I think that everyone needs one regardless of age or gender or whatevers.

What's out:
1) Taking forever to do your makeup
"I love how your mom streamlines her makeup routine into less than 15 minutes! It is so much better than when it took 20 or more minutes." My makeup routine, personally, is 10 minutes or so (I'll do a post on this soon). I know that there are times that taking longer is better (i.e. functions, proms) but for everyday wear, taking longer than 15 minutes for makeup is out!
2) Sticky glosses

"I won't kiss your mom when she wears sticky glosses or weird tasting glosses because I don't want it to transfer onto me" Stay clear of super sticky gloses if you are going to be kissing people (although I love my stila lip glazes) and also don't use weird tasting glosses either! Sorry model co lip gloss, you're out!

So that's what's in and out from my dad! Let me know if you like these posts form my mom and dad (and me!) in the comments along with ideas for new blog posts!

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