Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's day post recap

Hey everyone!
So since valentine's day is tomorrow I just wanted to put this post up linking all the valentine's day looks I've done so you can choose what look to do!

 Pretty neutral valentine's day look!
For a tutorial on this click here

Date night duochrome eye! More sophisticated, but still really easy and pretty!
For a tutorial on this click here

Neutral eyes and a bright red lip! So glam yet easy to do! You can also substitute a bright pink for red if you want to! 
For a tutorial on this look click here

So those were all the valentine's day makeup looks that I did, but as an added bonus I'll also link to my valentine's day tag!!! To view my valentine's day tag click here. Also, please do this tag if you want to because I would love to see what you love about valentine's day!

So that was my valentine's day post recap! Let me know what look of mine or yours that you'll be rocking on your dates in the comments! Also, subscribe if you like my blog!

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