Friday, February 8, 2013

trend alert: matte red lips and neutral eyes

Hey guys!
So I checked my pintrest today and all over the first page were pictures of gorgeous models wearing nude eyes with dramatic, red lips. I just wanted to let you know that this would be a great idea for a valentines day look. For the eyes, I would do a basic neutral eye. For me, this is a light brown/champagne color all over the lid and a medium brown color in the crease/outer corner of the eye. I would smudge a little bit of liner between the lashes to get the really neutral eyes that were in the pictures I saw, but for valentine's day or if you want to be more bold, you can do nice black winged liner. For lipstick I would use any red lipstick. In the pictures I saw, they went with a yellow based or neutral red color that is bright. I would steer away from burgundy colors or deep colors because they don't look as sexy as a bright fire engine red. I'll do a red lips tutorial soon so stay on the watch for that! Also, if you have a glossy red lipstick and you want to make it matte, take a paper towel or a oil absorbing sheet and blot your lips (don't wipe!) once your done applying it. You could also set it with a translucent powder to increase the staying power!
Let me know what other trends you've noticed in the comments!


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